Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Ditto in the floating Mountains – The Burning Bridge!!!

After Ditto defeated the huge drowned dog monster boss, he captured the amazing ‘Prismatic Blade’ and headed to another annoying and cryptic guide who told him he has to create a burning bridge to find some other cryptic guy who is going to help me craft a ‘proper offering’ for some oracle guy…   This is never simple….

However – the blade creating the burning bridge is AWESOME!  I want this prismatic blade as an official weapon that can create burning bridges all over the place!!  It is so cool!  

Of course once we get to the spot where Century Cat person is, they are not there and there are signs of struggle…   and of course the footprints lead to a dark and scary cave…  seriously?  Why is it always a dark and scary cave?

The end is my favorite, where mirror cat guy makes a little mistake and may tip his hat that he’s in league with the Shadow Queen!

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