Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective


Ditto Investigates Copper Wing Guards in Azteca

Ditto is still battling the copper tops to see if they have been corrupted by the dreaded Umbra Queen!  These are pretty cool fights – battling fire enemies is a challenge but it keeps me on my toes!

Gameplay Video – Ditto Plays HearthStone Ranked Play

So Ditto has been playing the Blizzard card game ‘HearthStone’ more lately  – it’s a really fun game and you can play a round in ten to twenty minutes if you don’t have a long time for gaming, which is handy.
I’ve been playing my Mage deck lately in ranked play and have made it to rank 18 – that’s not really high, true, but it’s challenging at this level and I’m pretty happy with how it’s going.
This battle is pretty good and shows my deck playing well – I’ll admit, it only plays this well every two to three games…  I still need to tweak it a bit.

Ditto Battles Copper Wing Guards in Azteca

For Ditto to uncover what’s going on, Ditto has to defeat some Copper Wing Guards on the Zultun docs to determine if they are the minions of the Umbra Queen!
Of course the guards are Rank 12 Elite fire, which makes them a real pain for me – fire prisms help quite a bit, but make the fights take a bit longer.

Ditto Finishes some Azteca Quests in Wizard101

So Ditto has this carefully crafted plan to store up some completed quests for his video recordings, and then when it was time to record, awesomeness would flow.  Well, as you can see, that was a pretty epic failure, as the completed quests don’t actually take up much time or continue on to other cool stuff…  so I just pad this one out for time…

Captain Ditto versus GOLDFISH!!

Captain Ditto and crew are making their way through Mooshu and come across some harmless looking goldfish swimming in the skyway…  and things take a rapid turn for the worse!  These goldfish are FIERCE!!!

Captain Ditto is back, and made it to Mooshu!!!

I know it has been a little while since Ditto has been able to post gameplay videos, sorry about that…  Ditto’s mom and dad and other family have been around for the holidays, so I didn’t really have a way to make videos uninterrupted with so many Fabricated Americans (and people) around.  I’m back now, though, and after many months trekking through Cool Ranch, Ditto FINALLY recovered Captain Blood’s treasure, which was an impressive ship from Mooshu!  Now it appears that the mystery of Marco Pollo’s map deepens, however, and Captain Ditto and his stalwart crew take their newfound ship and sail to mysterious Mooshu to get more information from Egg Fu Yung!   Mmmmm, Egg Fu Yung…  and crab rangoons… and… oh, never mind, let’s just show the video.

Captain Ditto and Crew start the Tomb of De La Vegas in Pirate101

Once they got the key, Captain Ditto and crew headed back to the De La Vegas mausoleum on Boot Hill so Old Scratch could summon the spirit of Don Rafael!  Old Scratch needs some personal belongings of Don Rafael though, and that angers the restless dead!!
It was during the battle with said restless dead that my intrepid camera bear, Carl, informed me that we were running low on battery – and by ‘low’ he actually meant ‘out of battery’, so the battle cuts off…  we do eventually win, of course, and it’s a great battle, you’ll just have to take my word for it….

Captain Ditto searches for the De La Vega key! Pirate101

After defeating the Duck of Death, Captain Ditto and his trusty hoodoo master Old Scratch must commune with the spirit of the original El Toro… but the De La Vega crypt is locked, and they have no key.  They head back to see the current El Toro, Don Rodrigo, to see if he has the key, and of course he does not – the Frogerales have it on one of their ships!  So once again Captain Ditto and crew take to the skyways in fierce ship to ship combat until the key is recovered!!

Captain Ditto faces The Duck of Death, Part 2!!

After defeating The Duck of Death at Boot Hill, Captain Ditto and crew take a rowboat over to his cursed ship and face him in one of the most intense battles Ditto and crew have yet faced!!  Fire, explosions, and deadly conflict test Captain Ditto and drive his crew to their very limits – but who will come out victorious??

Captain Ditto faces The Duck of Death – Part 1!!

Captain Ditto and crew arrive at Boot Hill and face down the dreaded Duck of Death and his fearsome minions!!  Carl the camera-bear kinda messed up a bit – he started the camera before I was ready, and then it stopped recording for some reason before the end and Carl didn’t notice…  kind of annoying, but I assure you, we DID win!!

Ditto heads to Marleybone on the way to Azteca in Wizard101

After talking with Professor Drake, Ditto heads to Marleybone to touch a mysterious artifact – and gets transported to an observatory, gets in a fight with bug monsters, talks to a flying snake, finds a lost civilization, and gets the key to Azteca…  I think that pretty much does it.


Captain Ditto versus ‘Old Bird Jenkins’ in Pirate101

This is it, the final battle in silver mine against ‘Old Bird Jenkins’!!  Apparently, Jenkins is the crazy old miner who has been training the blood bats to scare folks out of the silver mine!  Captain Ditto and crew need to do battle with crazy old Jenkins and his wacky trained bloodbats!!
Once again I have my favorite cheering section behind me, my good friend Boo….

Captain Ditto faces the Big Boss Bloodbat in the Pirate101 Silver Mines

Even deeper within the Silver Mines, Captain Ditto and Crew now face down even MORE bloodbats, including the Big Bad Boss Bloodbat!!   This boss has a nasty trick – he drains the life from his own minions to heal himself, so if you just keep attacking the boss, he basically takes out the minions for you!


And yes, Ditto has some help in this one – well, a cute cheering section at least…  Being pet during a boss fight is both distracting and kind of nice.

Captain Ditto versus even BIGGER Blood Bats in Pirate101

Captain Ditto and crew are still deep in the silver mines, and are still fighting the bloodbats!  This time the crew faces off against the ‘Stout Bloodbat’ – though I don’t think picking on his size will help the situation –  along with his terrible minions.

Captain Ditto in the Silver Mines Part 1 – Bloodbat Troubles!

Captain Ditto and Crew talk to Bat Masterson – who is a bat, which is awesome – and head deep into the Silver Mine to collect silver for the silver bullets.  Of course, to get the silver, he has to rid the mine of a nasty infestation of Blood Bats!

Captain Ditto Appeases the Totems and learns the secret of the Duck of Death!

After defeating Three Scars, Captain Ditto and Crew talk to Raven Eyes and learns that the Totem spirits are appeased and he has brought peace to the Bison people – cool!  He then talks to the Thunderbird totem and learns the secrets of his foe, the dreaded Duck of Death!!

Captain Ditto faces Three Scars and the Black Storm Bison in pirate101!

Once Ditto has defeated the Black Storm Bison, he has to face their leader, Three Scars, who apparently hangs out in the middle of a huge water spout / tornado thingy…   This fight is intense and requires every ounce of Ditto’s seriously limited skill – will Captain Ditto and crew be victorious?

Captain Ditto is back and fighting Black Storm Bison in Pirate101!

Captain Ditto is back!!  He and his crew are deep in Cool Ranch, doing fierce battle with the Black Storm Bison, working their way up to Three Scars, their evil chief!  Daring Ship to Ship combat, viscous battles, and lots of pie!  OK, I was eating the pie off camera…

Ditto is in the Avalon Catacombs in Wizard101!

Ditto is deep in the catacombs of Avalon, fighting goblins to find the Catacombs key for the Lady of the Lake!  Ditto hasn’t played Wizard101 much lately so this is supposed to be a ‘get back into it slowly’ kind of fight, but it doesn’t really work out that way, naturally… these storm enemies toss out some big guns early on!!  As part of his new strategy, Ditto is starting to rely on shields more than he did before, that’s for sure.


Captain Ditto returns to Pirate101 – with a costume and a Twitter contest!!

Captain Ditto triumphantly returns to Pirate101!!   Yes, I know it has been a while, you know I’ve had bronchitis and stuff, but it is GREAT to be back with and all new videos and a fun new contest!!

Here is the Video: 

And here is the contest!

As you can see from the video, Ditto is really getting into Halloween with a great new mask – very spooky!!  Well, Ditto wants to see YOUR costumes – so sent me a screenshot of your Pirate101 Character dressed for Halloween – either with a mask or costume, or just a special outfit or even a fun hat – whatever you’ve got!  And this is a Twitter contest – so tweet your costume screen shot to @dittowizard this weekend with the hashtag #dittopirate  (Between now and Sunday night, 8pm EST) and I’ll pick five random entries to win a Pirate101 Halloween Prize pack that includes a Rainbow Friendship mask (white, but can be dyed) and 2,000 crowns!  I’ll be giving the prizes out over the whole weekend at random times, with the last one being handed out Sunday night.  Remember – tweet to Ditto with the hashatg #dittopirate some time this weekend for chance to win!


New Gameplay Video – Captain Ditto and Old Scratch face the dreaded Screech #Pirate101

The final stage of the journey for Old Scratch’s tale of vengeance and woe… Captain Ditto helps his trusty crew member defeat the evil Witchdoctor Screech and avenge the death of his mentor – and also get promoted!  He looks so cool!

New Gameplay Video – Old Scratch’s Promotion, going after the Sky Snakes!! #Pirate101

On the trail of Old Scratch’s promotion, Captain Ditto heads back to Cool Ranch to talk to Bison and battle some sky snakes!!  Yes, it’s time to talk to Sister Snake again….

Captain Ditto and the Quest of the Random Pirate101 Quests!

Captain Ditto and crew are journeying around The Spiral trying to complete some old random quests that had been sitting around in Ditto’s quest journal… there’s some stuff with bananas, and berry bushes, and all kinds of things…  It’s actually fun going back and revisiting previous areas and finishing up old quest lines I had forgotten about – and I have to admit, questing in areas that are a few levels below me gives me an extra boost of confidence. (Until I get back to Cool Ranch soon, of course… )

Ditto goes Fishing in Wizard101

Ditto finally does a new Wizard101 Gameplay video!!!  To go with his fun fishing contest, Ditto does a video about the new fishing system in Wizard101.  He catches a couple fish, then tries to put fish in a fishtank in his house – that does not go well for some reason… hmmmm

I DID figure out the whole ‘fish in the fishtank’ issue – I probably should have looked into that before the video, but that’s OK.  To get a fish in the fishtank you have to match the fish with the fishtank; the fish in your inventory will actually say ‘This fish requires XYZ fishtank when you mouse over the little fishtank icon on the fish’s picture.


Here’s how you figure out what fishtank you need:

Fishtank Type

Fishtank Type