Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective


Captain Ditto and Fair Christina Nightingale battle General Tsao!

One thing that Kingsisle has always done well in their games is funny pop-culture references, from Firefly to old John Wayne movies to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who.  Mooshu is no different, and of course in a world named after Chinese takeout, they would be a villain named ‘General Tsao’…  Ditto has spent months slowly making his way through Mooshu in order to face General Tsao, and the final battle was definitely NOT disappointing!


Captain Ditto and Crew infiltrate General Tsao’s fortress!!

The beginning of the big ‘General Tsao’ battle in Mooshu in Pirate101 – Captain Ditto and his crew infiltrate General Tsao’s compound searching for the piece of Marco Pollo’s map… Witness daring fights, explosions, and a furry orange monster – who could ask for more?

New Video – Ditto’s Minecraft Ravenwood- The terrible beginning!

This is the very fist Minecraft video I have ever made (though I’ve played Minecraft a bunch)  and I’ll be honest – this video does not go well.   In getting the streaming sorted out, I was more focused on streaming stuff and bandwidth, etc.., and not on things like creepers and zombies and getting my first shelter build or getting torches made.  Thankfully, I do eventually get the hang of stuff and it gets a bit less crazy…

Ditto shows off his house and takes on Olympus in Wizard101

More Wizard101 Action for Ditto, a few fun videos this time!

First off, Ditto shows everyone his Polarian Explorers’ Bundle!! It’s a great bundle with a cool shipwreck house, an armored narwhal mount, an ADORABLE little penguin pet, and lots more!!


Ditto has a Streaming Studio!! Hooray!!

So Ditto finally got his Twitch.tv streaming channel all set up, did a few streams at random intervals, and then disappeared for like 3 weeks…  Ok, that was not really what Ditto intended, of course.  What happened was multiple things – Ditto lives in a house with other people and Fabricated Americans, for one, and it can be difficult to find ‘quiet time’ where I can stream or record without interruption – typically I was streaming from the central living room (that was our big green couch behind me).  Another thing is that work schedules and other schedules sometimes make planning specific streaming times very challenging (especially combined with the first issue…)

What Ditto finally did about this is, I think, pretty awesome – Ditto has built himself a streaming studio!  Woohoo!  That’s right – it should have proper lighting, great sound, a cool backdrop (that can occasionally change), and most importantly, it is nice and quiet and interruption free!  So stay tuned – I actually have a broken mouse that I will hopefully have replaced today, and then I should be able to stream my favorite games on a pretty regular schedule!  I’m hoping at least three days a week, possibly four – we’ll see how it goes!

Ditto versus The Baron of Nightmares – Halloween Wizard101

Ditto is tasked to defeat the dreaded Baron Mordecai, the Baron of Nightmares!  Of course this baron isn’t really much of a threat to Level 95 Ditto, so I had some fun with it…  trying to put as much damage on as I could with a big Sky Serpent spell.  We make our own fun sometimes.  🙂

Captain Ditto – Can’t Stop the Signal, Part 2!!

Again, some GREAT pop-culture references here, and a fun quest series overall – here is the joyful conclusion as Captain Ditto and friends reunite Captain Reynolds with his trusty crew – Wash, Zoe, and Jayne…

Gameplay Video – ‘This Whole Stream is a Trainwreck’… #Pirate101

So it’s been a little while since Ditto has streamed, and Carl my helper was still asleep, as you can probably tell by the absolute wreck of an opening here…   And what is that weird creaking sound in the sound feed?  Was that my microphone?   Gah!

However, it is OK because if there is one thing I love most about Kingsisle games, it is their excellent use of pop culture references!!   This one is no exception – we need to save Cobb from villagers who worship him for all the wrong reasons… and they sing to him too!
So Ditto has to raid some armada ships to put together a bribe for a sheriff, to let ‘The Rooster of Doom’ go, so he can take Jayne’s place… Got it?

Chip decided to play some #LOTRO

So Ditto slept in a bit, as it was a holiday (Labor Day in the US) and while he was sleeping in, Chip and Carl decided to play around with Ditto’s Twitch stream…  Chip has a LOTRO character he likes to play – a Hobbit burglar named ‘Klepto’, and he likes running around the shire doing random quests and doing tricks on the other hobbits.  Chip is also pretty shy and does get nervous when he thinks people may be watching, so this whole stream was a bit silly, but hopefully people liked it…

I hope nobody else around here gets the idea to play on my twitch stream, especially….

Never mind, I don’t even want to think about that!

New Video – Ditto needs a ride…

So Ditto can’t use the zip line to catch up with Belloq and the shadow minions and reclaim the crystal skull, so he needs to talk to Guaman Skyfall to try and catch a ride… Of course ‘talk to Guaman Skyfall’ actually turns into ‘Battle Guaman Skyfall until one of you are defeated’, which was really not a lot of fun, to be honest…

Finally, Ditto learned a new chant and headed up to the mountain peaks to defeat the forces of shadow, or something like that…

Ditto seaches for healing clay… and gets in a fight – more Wizard101 fun

Ditto must find Huix Saltwater in the Saltmeadow Marsh to find healing clay to heal the injured priestess Turquoise Water-Sun… Wow, say that tree times fast…

Of course the cave the healing clay is found in is guarded by a big nasty boss monster (of course)  – Ekra Bleeding Rose (what a scary name!) and Ditto has to battle fiercely to collect the clay!

I just realized I never posted anything yesterday – I swear I thought I did post something yesterday but maybe I dreamed it… this posting every day challenge is much more challenging than I imagined…

Boss Fight against Vakir Sweet Morrow in Wizard101

Still trekking through Azteca (yes, still), Ditto must enter the dreaded Turquoise Cave to defeat Vakir Sweet Morrow, a pretty horrible boss who gives Ditto quite a battle!  In the end, Ditto (and his trusty henchmen) are victorious… but at what cost?  The forces of Shadow have the crystal skull!!

Captain Ditto battles Inoshishi Bandits in Mooshu!! #Pirate101 #balughust day 26

Captain Ditto and his swarthy crew are back in Mooshu, where they need to battle some untrustworthy Inoshishi Bandits to recover, of all things, an incense stick…   Kind of weird

I think this was the last video recorded before I fixed the sound, so it might be a little off again… the next ones should all be awesome!

Ditto the Dwarf is playing through the LOTRO tutorial! Fun times!

This video was primarily a sound check to get my audio issues sorted out live, but once those were all set I just kept playing my new LOTRO character for a while, going through more of the opening tutorial section.  It’s great fun!

Ditto plays LOTRO and rolls up a Dwarf! #blaughust Day 20

So this video still has some sound issues – the next one is where I fix that – but here I start playing LOTRO again after MANY years away, and decide to roll up a Dwarf Champion…  I’ll be honest – not sure I’m 100% on board with him, but I’ll play him for a while and see how he shapes up…

Captain Ditto and Crew back in Mooshu in Pirate101!! #blaughust Day 17

Captain Ditto and Crew are back in Mooshu and have to battle possessed samoorai warriors, searching for magic swords!
Mustang Sally was a real hero in this one – her sword work was so quick and deadly, she really earned her keep!

It was a little disorienting doing battle with opponents my own level, since I’ve been playing significantly below my level with those other quests lately.  It’s OK though – my crew was ready for action!  So exciting fighting these cursed Samoorai – they know a few serious tricks!!

The sound on these videos is still a little off – I fixed it in a later video, but for these I’m still a bit quiet.

More Twitch Streaming – Captain Ditto versus the Floating Dutchman! #Pirate101 #blaughust day 15

A fun adventure where Captain Ditto and his crew track down the very spooky ‘Floating Dutchman’ – it’s a great little adventure that is WAY below Captain Ditto’s level, so it makes him look like a real super hero!!

I do think there’s still a problem with my audio I need to figure out – my voice is much too low, so I need to fix that.  It might be a setting in Windows somewhere – I’ll try to figure it out.  Sadly I don’t realize it during the stream…  I need to get someone on to watch and test things out with me at some point.  I’ll try to do it this week.

As far as Blaughust…  Well, I missed a few days, sadly – Thursday I was working and Friday we had friends over.  Sadly, sometimes life gets in the way of fun stuff like blogging, but that’s OK – I’m going to keep going and I’ll try my best not to miss any more!

Ditto battles Pampero Spirits in the Floating Mountains – another stream test… #Wizard101 #blaughust Day 9

So Ditto is getting more sophisticated with his Twitch Channel – I’ve modified my sound settings and I think it sounds much better and more clear now, and I changed some settings that seemed to be making me lag a lot.  Finally, I’ve figured out how archive my streams on Twitch and export them over to YouTube so I can keep the videos there too…

As for the video – well, it’s Ditto getting beat up by Pampero Spirits again.  In my defense, I was more focused on the stream tweaks than the fight itself, but I think I just didn’t have a very efficient deck – I’m sure next time will go much better…

New Gameplay Video – Captain Ditto battles the Blood Lord and Chaka Kahn!!

Well 7 days down, 23 to go…  This ‘blaughust’ thing is going to get interesting.

That pause in the opening of the video really bugs me, I have to fix that… I think I need an .flv file editor.

Well here it is, the big end battle with the Aztecosaur Blood Lord!  Of course my crew and I defeat the Blood Lord pretty easily and start destroying creepy crystal statues, but that awakens a nasty evil Chaka Kahn boss thingy and we have to fight again!!

I know it’s a little cheezy, but I love going through this very easy dungeon – I feel so powerful! Like a super hero – such fun! It’s a fun story too – I dig Azteca, it’s a cool mythology.

New Gameplay Video – Captain Ditto in Azteca fighting suff… #Pirate101 #blaughust Day 5

Captain Dito and crew continue on the Azteca quest, and it’s so fun! It’s far below my level,  true, so none of these fights are terribly difficult, but they’re fun!!  Ditto battles some ThinSkulls, then travels through Azteca to talk to Itzam Halach, and Ditto needs to fight the dreaded Chaka Kahn, or something like that.  Ditto has to defeat the dread Chaka Kahn  and save Azteca! And there’s a totally rude triceratops too – and I always loved triceratops!

And this video is one of the first stream videos I did, so the sound is still a bit wonky.  Sorry about that.

And for the record, I know that blaughust rules say a post of ‘at least 10 sentences’, but I think a 15 minute video also counts…  I mean, a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video has got to be worth…  well, a lot.

Captain Ditto decends into the Scaly Warren in Pirate101. Blaughust Day 2

So Captain Ditto is back with his excellent crew, ready for some thrilling heroics!  Of course there was an added challenge of playing this live on my TwitchTV channel, and I was recording it as well, just to see how that all worked and if people liked the new format.  So check out some fun questing and please feel free to let me know how you like it and what I can improve…


Curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal! Wizard101 Fun

After rescuing Maguey Century Cat from the Dark Spooky Cave, Ditto gets a special charm from him, to take to the oracle!  It’s critical that it does not fall into the wrong hands!!  However, Ditto goes back to mister Mirror-Knife person, who has let a few things slip in previous encounters which make Ditto very suspicious…

Once there, of course, Mirror Knife betrays Ditto, with a GREAT ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark reference!!   We totally saw this was coming, but it was still both great and annoying!!

Ditto goes in the spooky cave and faces Hozanek Hundred Arrows – Part 2

Ditto continues his epic battle to free Maguey Century Cat from the evil clutches of the rank 13 fire boss ‘Hozanek Hundred Arrows’…
Ditto’s henchmen work pretty well throughout the fight, keeping Ditto alive and keeping the damage up against Hozanek.  I know with real people joining in, it could have been more strategic and gone more quickly, but I didn’t have any friends online at the time (I was playing really early) and this still worked out OK in the end…

Ditto goes in the spooky cave to battle ‘Hozanek Hundred Arrows’ – Part 1

As you may remember when we left off, Ditto was looking for Maguey Century Cat and had followed footprints to a spooky dark cave.  Now, of course, this cave is not full of yummy delicious pie or adorable fuzzy kittens – it is full of bad guys, namely the rank 13 fire boss ‘Hozanek Hundred Arrows’…

So yes, Ditto hired some henchmen for this one, and the fight goes pretty well – at least this boss does not seem to cheat, though he hits pretty hard, and fighting fire bosses is always a big challenge for me, since I am fire and there are only so many prisms in a deck.

Of course this is a LOOOONG fight, so here is part 1… Part 2 shall come later…