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Ditto’s Mega Epic Boss Battle! Mazen Stinger Bee in Wizard101

In Azteca, Ditto is working with the shaman Onyx  Rain-Sun to defeat the dreaded Umbra Queen!  Ditto has to get through a magical barrier, and – of course – needs to collect special ingredients so that Onyx Rain-Sun can make some magical mojo to get Ditto through the barrier thingy.  Enter Mazen Stinger Bee, the fiercest of the seed-thieves, who has in hew possession ‘The Jar of Five Suns’, a power magical vessel that Onyx needs to complete her spell.  All Ditto has to do is defeat Mazen – sounds simple right?  Not an end boss, and she doesn’t even cheat…  but somehow this battle lasted over 45 MINUTES!

Could I have bought more henchmen to make it go quicker?  Definitely, but I didn’t want to.  Could I have prepared my deck better?  Almost definitely, since Mazen was a powerful fire boss I could have added a lot more non-fire cards to the deck, sure.  Also, nobody on my friends list was online when I started, so I didn’t have any help there.  And again – I was not expecting much of a fight, I was just expecting the ‘typical’ side boss fight.  I was so very, very wrong….

Here is Ditto’s full Mazen Stinger Bee boss battle, in three parts… and it’s longer than an episode of ‘Agents of Shield’!

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

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