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Ditto tours his new Azteca Builder’s Bundle!

Ditto finally got his Azteca Builder’s bundle from Gamestop!  This is a great bundle that comes with armor, a pet, a mount, and of course a build-a-castle plot with great Aztecan builder pieces!

The builder’s plot has some great little surprises – I didn’t even realize that the waterfalls were hidden doorways, that was a nice touch..
I think the mount – the feathered Raptor – is my favorite piece in the bundle; the design is very nice, and I love the animations!  He’s more compact than my beloved T-Rex mount and may become my new main mount.
The pet is a Toucan’t and he’s very cute – mine is still a baby, so I’m not sure what he can do, but he’s very adorable.
The ‘Wild Wing’ outfit has nice stats, especially if you’re life/death school, and the design and detail are nice.  I like the colors (Though my preference is red and orange, of course)
The Wild Wing Axe & Shield are great too – the shield has a spinning animation that I really like, and the set gives TWO bast cards – life and death blasts; that’s a nice set.  I like it.
So that’s the Azteca Builders Bundle – it’s pretty great!

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