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Wizard 101

Contest Time – Happy Birthday Wizard101!!

So it’s birthday time again for the amazing and fun Wizard101!  And to celebrate, Ditto has a bunch of crowns to give away!  Contest time, yay!!!

So what is the contest?  Well, you can’t have a birthday without balloons, and Ditto LOVES balloons, so that’s the contest – take the below picture of balloons, color it however you like – your school colors, colored like your favorite spell (Meteor Strike!!)  or anything else you want.  Color it in and then email to me at dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Birthday Balloons’, between now and Midnight EST on September 26th – that’s a full two weeks, to give everyone plenty of time to get creative! Email me your picture and make sure you include your wizard name.  On September 27th I’ll choose winners using random draw, so everyone has a chance.

Color The Balloons

Color The Balloons

You can color them using a computer program like Paint or GIMP, or you can print them out, color them on paper, and then scan them back in or take a picture and email me that.

So that’s it – fun right?  Color some balloons and maybe win some crowns!  Have fun, be creative, and I really look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!!


New Video – Ditto needs a ride…

So Ditto can’t use the zip line to catch up with Belloq and the shadow minions and reclaim the crystal skull, so he needs to talk to Guaman Skyfall to try and catch a ride… Of course ‘talk to Guaman Skyfall’ actually turns into ‘Battle Guaman Skyfall until one of you are defeated’, which was really not a lot of fun, to be honest…

Finally, Ditto learned a new chant and headed up to the mountain peaks to defeat the forces of shadow, or something like that…

Ditto seaches for healing clay… and gets in a fight – more Wizard101 fun

Ditto must find Huix Saltwater in the Saltmeadow Marsh to find healing clay to heal the injured priestess Turquoise Water-Sun… Wow, say that tree times fast…

Of course the cave the healing clay is found in is guarded by a big nasty boss monster (of course)  – Ekra Bleeding Rose (what a scary name!) and Ditto has to battle fiercely to collect the clay!

I just realized I never posted anything yesterday – I swear I thought I did post something yesterday but maybe I dreamed it… this posting every day challenge is much more challenging than I imagined…

Boss Fight against Vakir Sweet Morrow in Wizard101

Still trekking through Azteca (yes, still), Ditto must enter the dreaded Turquoise Cave to defeat Vakir Sweet Morrow, a pretty horrible boss who gives Ditto quite a battle!  In the end, Ditto (and his trusty henchmen) are victorious… but at what cost?  The forces of Shadow have the crystal skull!!

Ditto battles Pampero Spirits in the Floating Mountains – another stream test… #Wizard101 #blaughust Day 9

So Ditto is getting more sophisticated with his Twitch Channel – I’ve modified my sound settings and I think it sounds much better and more clear now, and I changed some settings that seemed to be making me lag a lot.  Finally, I’ve figured out how archive my streams on Twitch and export them over to YouTube so I can keep the videos there too…

As for the video – well, it’s Ditto getting beat up by Pampero Spirits again.  In my defense, I was more focused on the stream tweaks than the fight itself, but I think I just didn’t have a very efficient deck – I’m sure next time will go much better…

Curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal! Wizard101 Fun

After rescuing Maguey Century Cat from the Dark Spooky Cave, Ditto gets a special charm from him, to take to the oracle!  It’s critical that it does not fall into the wrong hands!!  However, Ditto goes back to mister Mirror-Knife person, who has let a few things slip in previous encounters which make Ditto very suspicious…

Once there, of course, Mirror Knife betrays Ditto, with a GREAT ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark reference!!   We totally saw this was coming, but it was still both great and annoying!!

Ditto goes in the spooky cave and faces Hozanek Hundred Arrows – Part 2

Ditto continues his epic battle to free Maguey Century Cat from the evil clutches of the rank 13 fire boss ‘Hozanek Hundred Arrows’…
Ditto’s henchmen work pretty well throughout the fight, keeping Ditto alive and keeping the damage up against Hozanek.  I know with real people joining in, it could have been more strategic and gone more quickly, but I didn’t have any friends online at the time (I was playing really early) and this still worked out OK in the end…

Ditto goes in the spooky cave to battle ‘Hozanek Hundred Arrows’ – Part 1

As you may remember when we left off, Ditto was looking for Maguey Century Cat and had followed footprints to a spooky dark cave.  Now, of course, this cave is not full of yummy delicious pie or adorable fuzzy kittens – it is full of bad guys, namely the rank 13 fire boss ‘Hozanek Hundred Arrows’…

So yes, Ditto hired some henchmen for this one, and the fight goes pretty well – at least this boss does not seem to cheat, though he hits pretty hard, and fighting fire bosses is always a big challenge for me, since I am fire and there are only so many prisms in a deck.

Of course this is a LOOOONG fight, so here is part 1… Part 2 shall come later…

Ditto in the floating Mountains – The Burning Bridge!!!

After Ditto defeated the huge drowned dog monster boss, he captured the amazing ‘Prismatic Blade’ and headed to another annoying and cryptic guide who told him he has to create a burning bridge to find some other cryptic guy who is going to help me craft a ‘proper offering’ for some oracle guy…   This is never simple….

However – the blade creating the burning bridge is AWESOME!  I want this prismatic blade as an official weapon that can create burning bridges all over the place!!  It is so cool!   (more…)

Part 2 of Ditto’s epic Azteca battle with Ahuizotl Drowned Dog!!

Here it is, the thrilling and chilling finale of Ditto’s epic boss battle against the fearsome Ahuizotl Drowned Dog!  This was a long and challenging fight, but Ditto is victorious and frees…   a cage full of flying snakes.  Why does it always have to be flying snakes?  Seriously?
After he wins the fight, Ditto does some other stuff, but honestly the flying snakes creep me out so much I kind of forgot what happened…

Ditto fights ‘Drowned Dog’ boss in Azteca! Part 1

Ditto is back in Wizard101 and has to go down in a well in Azteca, in the Floating Islands… Of course, there’s a big fight! This is a tough one too, so I’ve got to hire a garden gnome for a henchman.  This is part 1 of 2, since the fight really goes on for a while!  My goal in the fight is to just pile on as much damage as I can, but I do me a few mistakes – I should have probably focused more on the smaller minion first.  Also, I”m pretty sure my deck was too packed, since I wasn’t really getting the damage boost cards I needed.  That’s probably why the battle took so long – a more efficient deck might have done damage more quickly.

KingsIsle celebrates Shark Week!! Ditto’s Shark Week contest!

Once again it is that wonderful time of year, Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’!!  It really is a great tradition we look forward to every year – Sharks are amazing and fascinating creatures!  As part of this wonderful tradition, KingsIsle has been joining the Shark Week celebration with their own shark-related fun in Wizard101 and Pirate101, with shark mounts, shark pets, and great fun contests!

Well Ditto is holding one of these fun contests, yay!!   Between today and Sunday, July 12th (midnight EST), you can enter Ditto’s Shark Week contest to win a Swift Shark mount in Wizard101, a cute little Storm Tiger Shark pet in Pirate101, or the always useful Crowns!!

StormTiger Shark Pet in Pirate101!

StormTiger Shark Pet in Pirate101!

Swift Shark Mount in Wizard101!

Swift Shark Mount in Wizard101!

So how do you win these wonderful prizes?  Well, I was going to have people take a picture with a shark, but Miss Narrator didn’t think that was a smart idea, so instead of that, I want to hear some amazing shark facts!!  Email me at dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Shark Week’ and send me a fun and amazing shark fact, plus your wizard or pirate name.   At the end of the contest I will choose all winners by random draw and notify by email and post the winners here on my blog.  I’ll also post the list of shark facts too!

So where can you find cool shark facts?  There are a lot of great resources, like Discovery and Wikipedia, or you can use your favorite research tool.  I want the facts to be interesting and positive, to show how amazing sharks are.  I can’t wait to see what you find out!

Good luck, have fun, and find some great shark facts!!   See you in The Spiral!

Ditto fighting Chronosaurs ad stuff in Wizard101!

Ditto is still in Azteca, and after his embarrassing defeat by the Chronosaurs, he is back at it and doing much better this time!  Unfortunately , after defeating the Chronosaurs, Ditto doesn’t get what he’s looking for, so he’s off to continue his quest…

Ditto fights some Chronosaurs and stuff…

Ditto has captured the Vonda Fish for ‘A Fish Called Vonda’ (great reference!) and then located a warrior in the sunken courtyard…  He has to battle Chronosaurs to locate the underwater cat, whatever that means…   However, Ditto was so distracted by Phil earlier, he jumped into a battle with only 1/3 health… that didn’t work out.

Ditto tours his new Azteca Builder’s Bundle!

Ditto finally got his Azteca Builder’s bundle from Gamestop!  This is a great bundle that comes with armor, a pet, a mount, and of course a build-a-castle plot with great Aztecan builder pieces!

The builder’s plot has some great little surprises – I didn’t even realize that the waterfalls were hidden doorways, that was a nice touch..
I think the mount – the feathered Raptor – is my favorite piece in the bundle; the design is very nice, and I love the animations!  He’s more compact than my beloved T-Rex mount and may become my new main mount.
The pet is a Toucan’t and he’s very cute – mine is still a baby, so I’m not sure what he can do, but he’s very adorable.
The ‘Wild Wing’ outfit has nice stats, especially if you’re life/death school, and the design and detail are nice.  I like the colors (Though my preference is red and orange, of course)
The Wild Wing Axe & Shield are great too – the shield has a spinning animation that I really like, and the set gives TWO bast cards – life and death blasts; that’s a nice set.  I like it.
So that’s the Azteca Builders Bundle – it’s pretty great!

Ditto in Azteca – Versus PHIL the cat!!

OK, so I wanted to start getting back to doing videos after my vacation, and so I started doing some videos this morning, back in Azteca, and Phil, my kitty, decided he wanted to play too…   So, Ditto in Azteca, collecting sea cucumbers, with Phil!

Ditto found one of the best jokes in Wizard101

Ditto did finally defeat Cipactli, the horrible ‘Dance Contest’ boss in Azteca, and heads back to Zensen Seven Star to get to the next part of enchanting the pyramid key thingy.  Before that, though, we get the best joke in Wizard 101 – the wonderful narrator explaining how we wizards fit everything into our backpacks, including big heavy things like the Azure Moonstone…  It’s very funny!
Ditto also plays some Catch a Key – it’s fun but not as fun as Shock A Lock, I hate to say…

We’re here to see the tapestries…

This is a castle isn’t it?  There ARE tapestries?….   Ah that wacky Lord Clarance MacDonald and his lovely assistant!   So why does Ditto pull out a lame Indiana Jones reference?  Because Ditto has an exclusive Teleport Tapestry to give away!  Ditto has some great Floating Island tapestries to give away – they take you right to the beach for some great questing or a lovely tropical vacation…

Floating Lands Teleport Tapestry

Dropoff Point

Dropoff Point

I’ve got quite a few of these to give away, so I’ll be doing several giveaways.  The first starts today – send me an email at dittocontest@gmail.com, with a subject ‘Tapestries’ and your wizard name – I’ll choose a few random winners every day this week (until Saturday, May 9th)  and post them here.  I’ll also be giving some away randomly on twitter soon, too, so make sure you follow me on Twitter to get in on that!

Winners (Final List):

Kiley Moonshade
Christina Lionrider
Eric Stormbringer
Sydney Thundersong
Duncan SoulLeaf
Justin Storm
Corwin Frog
Kevin Battlecaller
Quinn Ashward
Talon Spiritforge
Brandon Cloud
Daniel LionHeart
Destiny Wildheart
Liam OwlEyes
Blaze FireSmith
Kaitlyn Miststone
Arlen Sanddust
juan titancatcher
Hunter BlueRider
Matthew Shadowblade
Jason Goldriver
Fred Silverhunter
Vanessa Mythdust
Bray Moonshard
Carlos ThunderFlame
Chris FireHeart
Jack HawkFist
Michelle Goldenglade
Moira Blade
Luis shadowWalker
Alura RainbowWeaver
Ben Silverhunter
Suri Shadowblood
Cameron RedGem
Heather Dragon Rider
Nathan Lifestalker
Lucas Dragonslinger
brynn wildsong
Kayla Morgan
Dylan dragonrider


Ditto faces the Aztecan War Challenge!!

Now that Ditto has collected all the parts for the War Challenge, it’s time to battle!!  Ditto confronts Cipactli in Azteca and has to battle him to collect the Azure Moonstone for some reason.  And what a battle it is!
Cipactli does have a few tricks up his sleeve – apparently he watches a lot of ‘So you think you can dance’, since he keeps tossing out dance challenges like ‘Ward Dance’ and ‘Charm Dance’, and if I couldn’t follow his dance challenge, he hit me with a Zero pip ‘Dr. Von’s Monster’…  and not only does that do a lot of damage AND  heal him, it’s got a REALLY long animation too…   seriously!
So the video does end rather abruptly – that’s not Carl’s fault, it’s mine; I didn’t realize the camera disk was nearly full, so we ran out of room…  So did Ditto win?  Well, you’ll have to wait to see!

Ditto learns about Jewel Socketing in Wizard101

Ditto has been learning about a fun new skill in Wizard101, Jewel Socketing!  You can find special magical jewels and combine them with your gear to get great new abilities and attributes!  It’s very easy to do – well, it’s easy once you have the jewels, but finding the jewels is a whole new challenge!

Ditto in Azteca – why did it have to be flying snakes?

So Ditto is back in Wizard101, yay!!  It has been a little while so Ditto has kind of forgotten what he was doing, but that is OK, because there is that helpful little arrow that will guide his way!

First, Ditto gets a golden fan – that’s it, just a golden fan. Didn’t even had to fight for it!  Of course when it seems too easy, it usually is too easy, so then Ditto needs to ‘anoint’ the fan with the venom of like a hundred flying snakes…   Of course they’re flying snakes, what’s the fun in just having normal everyday venomous snakes when you can have FLYING venomous snakes….

Mount-A-Palooza Flash Contest – Spritely Seahorse Mount

So it’s Mount-A-Palooza in Wizard101 and it’s their biggest mount sale yet!   It last through tomorrow (Sunday, April 19th) and there are some great deals – All permanent mounts are 5,000 crowns or less, there’s a great new Jeweled Scarab mount, and some old mounts have come back…  It’s a lot of fun, and Ditto’s getting in on the fun with the retired ‘Spritely Seahorse’ mount!  I’ve got codes to give away this weekend, but how am I going to do it?

Spritely Seahorse

Spritely Seahorse

Well, just email Ditto at dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Seahorse’ and send me your wizard name, and I’ll pick random winners throughout the weekend and announce them here between now and Sunday night!  Get your very own shiny Spritely Seahorse!!

Good Luck everyone, and have fun!!!

Winners List:

  • Scarlet Summer
  • Amber StormLeaf
  • Malvin WindHunter
  • Kayla Morgan
  • Blaze FireSmith
  • Talon Thunderblade
  • Michael Firehammer
  • Caley RainbowStaff

Winners for Dittos’ ‘Five Years of Fun in The Spiral’ contest!!

I got SO MANY great entries in my ‘Five Years in The Spiral‘ contest, with peoples’ favorite Spiral memories – I loved them!  From daring boss fights to exciting PVP battles to people’s memories getting their first house or mount of ship, there were so many wonderful memories you shared!!  The thing that makes me happiest though, is that were were so many entries where people’s favorite memories were meeting people and making friends, that seems to be a common thread in so many of these stories and it’s really one of the things I like most about The Spiral, too!

It was hard to choose winners with some many great entries – you all make me work really hard with these contests!  Without further ado, here are the winners!

First Place Chosen by Ditto and Miss Narrator, winning Smugglers Arena housing item and 10,000 crowns!   Our winner is Caley RainbowStaff!

One day I was doing my pet training, and I realize that I got very few pet snacks left. Gosh, I don’t want to buy mega snack packs. So I asked my online friends (one initiate and two grandmasters) whether they would like to join me for doing Winterbane. And yes, they agreed (for the same reason, which is getting pet snacks). I teleported to my home, they teleported in, and off we went into my Winterbane.
After one complete run, one of my friends asked if we would like to do again. No problem, we are all for pet snacks after all! So we re-entered. And who knows, the temptation for more mega pet snacks ensues in yet another round of Winterbane. And another. And another. No one left or was delayed during the farming. My friends and I were Winterbane crusaders for that day! I remembered we spent almost two hours in there.

I think this truly represents the fun, excitement and joy of The Spiral. Fun – in that you won’t feel bored with your loyal friends around. Excitement – in that you will get mega pet snacks for free. And joy – in that you get to understand more about your friends while acquiring more loot and wealth from battles!

Second Place Winners – Randomly chosen.  Prizes are Armored Scorpion Mount and 5,000 Crowns! (more…)

Ditto’s full set of Wizard101 Wands!

As a followup to Ditto’s fun Wands tutorial, Ditto just finished up a full set of Wizard101 wands, and Miss Narrator helped me make a nice display case for them, so I wanted to share how cool it all came out!!

Here are all the wands finally finished – Life, Death, Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, and Balance.  I really like how they all came out, especially the Ice and Death wands.

All Wizard101 schools represented - Life, Death, Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, and Balance

All Wizard101 schools represented – Life, Death, Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, and Balance

Here is the awesome display case that Miss Narrator helped me make – it’s just a plain wooden tray that we painted back, and Miss Narrator helped me to decoupage the bottom with some fun swirly paper and a Ravenwood banner that I printed out.  How col is that – like something right out of Ravenwood school! That would look great in a dorm room!

Awesome display case!

Awesome display case!

And here is Ditto sitting proudly with his wonderful wand display case – we had a lot of fun doing this great Wizard101 related craft and I hope other people try to make their own wands!!

Ditto with his wands!

Ditto with his wands!