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Winners for Dittos’ ‘Five Years of Fun in The Spiral’ contest!!

I got SO MANY great entries in my ‘Five Years in The Spiral‘ contest, with peoples’ favorite Spiral memories – I loved them!  From daring boss fights to exciting PVP battles to people’s memories getting their first house or mount of ship, there were so many wonderful memories you shared!!  The thing that makes me happiest though, is that were were so many entries where people’s favorite memories were meeting people and making friends, that seems to be a common thread in so many of these stories and it’s really one of the things I like most about The Spiral, too!

It was hard to choose winners with some many great entries – you all make me work really hard with these contests!  Without further ado, here are the winners!

First Place Chosen by Ditto and Miss Narrator, winning Smugglers Arena housing item and 10,000 crowns!   Our winner is Caley RainbowStaff!

One day I was doing my pet training, and I realize that I got very few pet snacks left. Gosh, I don’t want to buy mega snack packs. So I asked my online friends (one initiate and two grandmasters) whether they would like to join me for doing Winterbane. And yes, they agreed (for the same reason, which is getting pet snacks). I teleported to my home, they teleported in, and off we went into my Winterbane.
After one complete run, one of my friends asked if we would like to do again. No problem, we are all for pet snacks after all! So we re-entered. And who knows, the temptation for more mega pet snacks ensues in yet another round of Winterbane. And another. And another. No one left or was delayed during the farming. My friends and I were Winterbane crusaders for that day! I remembered we spent almost two hours in there.

I think this truly represents the fun, excitement and joy of The Spiral. Fun – in that you won’t feel bored with your loyal friends around. Excitement – in that you will get mega pet snacks for free. And joy – in that you get to understand more about your friends while acquiring more loot and wealth from battles!

Second Place Winners – Randomly chosen.  Prizes are Armored Scorpion Mount and 5,000 Crowns!

Loveable Flora – An unforgettable memory in the Spiral is when I held the first housewarming party in my Red Barn Farm. I invited six of my friends to come along and we had fun, imagining that we are drinking tea and eating cookies near the fireplace. It’s a great way to bond together and put our worries temporarily aside!

Trevor WildTail  – My favorite thing about Wizard101 is the new friends I meet. Whilst on Wizard101, whether you’re roaming through Unicorn Way, the jungle-esque Zafaria, underwater world of Celestia or even good ole’ Ravenwood, you tend to meet new friends. I’ve met so many friends via hatching, questing, fishing, PVPing or even in the bazaar. With these friends, I’ve created long lasting memories. They are one of the reasons why I keep logging on everyday. As my Wizard gets older, I get one more friend. They sometimes act as a support system, even when I lose a fight, they tend to cheer me up, if I lose a fight in PVP they are there to make me feel better, this is why they are my favorite thing about Wizard101 & I love them so much! I encourage everyone to make a friend from Wizard101 as they can benefit them in the long run.

Third Place Randomly Chosen.  Prizes are Rock Crab pet and 2,000 Crowns

Jeremy LegendMancer – Of all the magical moments in The Spiral, my favorite Spiral moment is the very first time I enroll to The Ravenwood School Of Magical Arts; Because literally it’s the first time for everything. Without me being enrolled to Ravenwood several years ago, I don’t think I’m able to cast spells, meeting new friends, learning wizardry from awesome Professors, traveling across The Spiral itself, and so much more! And of course without my enrollment, there is no way I can experience the magical moments in The Spiral as I have now.

Scarlet Dreamgarden – My favorite memory was when Aquila was first released and a group of wizards and I were dueling the squid for the first time.  We didn’t know much of the secret boss’s cheat other than that he did earthquake if we did a healing spell.  What we didn’t know was that the boss did earthquake multiple times just for one healing spell.  So the life in our group did one heal and all of a sudden an entire wave of what seemed like nonstop earthquaking happened.  The first earthquake came and was expected since we healed.  Then just after that earthquake, three of our pets healed and mulitple times too. The bosses kept earthquaking and the team all figured that our pets were the cause of the earthquakes and after every single earthquake, at least one of our pets would heal again.  All of us were screaming, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” as a pet healed and another earthquake hit us.  We were all laughing and thought the round was never going to end.
Cori SummerBright – I remember when I got my first mount. I was battling all around the spiral saving up to buy the perfect house. 100,000 gold! At long last I finished getting the perfect amount of gold and headed to the crown shop. Before I did though, I noticed something. My friend was riding on a broom! I was amazed and immediately asked her where she got it. She said she got it from the crown shop. My heart sank as I thought about the amount of crowns I had. I had hoped that 25 crowns was enough.

As I checked the mount section in the crown shop I found that you could pay with gold for some of them! I scrolled through and found a proud lion and I’ve loved it ever since.
Angela PixieDust- My favorite memories in the “Spiral” that I still cherish now and wished to go back are those times when I started playing the game. Going to a new game and the world within it-(that are so detailed), always amaze me. Exploring Wizard City is a wondrous start, I get so lost in the game (even with the Quest-Guide Arrow…Don’t laugh), unicorn way maybe boring right now…but still I remember those times when I think rank 1 spells were AMAZING and defeat Lost Souls were a great achievement to me back then. Though the game grew over the years(and so does the players-including me)……those times were just WIZtastic
And that’s our winners – are those some GREAT memories!!  Thanks so much to everyone who entered the contest and sent such wonderful memories in, it was wonderful reading them all!  We’ll have more contests again, so stay tuned, have fun, and play safe!!


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