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Captain Ditto does Frogfather a Favor in Pirate101

Captain Ditto needs to gather more ingredients, and goes to the FrogFather to get some Grumwort – because of course, our good friend the FrogFather controls all the trade of said herb in the Skull Island area… or a least he DID.

Ditto has to help the FrogFather by finding a henchman who betrayed him, to ‘teach him the error of his ways’…   Yeah, it gets messy – but it’s fun, too!!

New Gameplay Video – Captain Ditto battles an Aztecasaur Mummy in Scaly Grotto! #pirate101

Captain Ditto is seeking special ingredients for… something or other, who can remember with all these crazy quests!!  So Captain Ditto and crew head to Scaly Grotto to do fearsome battle with the mummy and some spooky ghosts!  It was a great battle, lots of fun!

Captain Ditto gets a new ship and meets with Sister Snake again… yikes!

After making Level 26, Ditto gained access to a new ship – a ghostly galleon! – and it is AWESOME!!! My crew appear almost competent sailing this gorgeous and spooky ship, and it does short work of all the bandits and others who try and pick a fight with us!!
And finally, Captain Ditto returns to Sister Snake with the snake fangs from Flying Snake, and she says everything is cool and that the bison are OK now and stuff, so mission accomplished I guess… I’m just glad I don’t have to deal with that snake again… or do I?   Dun dun dunnn….

Captain Ditto does some Pirate101 questing and levels up!

Wow, this video has it all – ship to ship combat, random questing, and one of my favorite crew members starting his leveling quest – I’ll help you out, Old Scratch!! And to top it off – I make Level 26!! So exciting!

Captain Ditto meets Sister Snake in Pirate101

Still questing in Cool Ranch and Big Sky, Captain Ditto and crew battle fierce Sky Snakes to find a perfect egg, to summon ‘Sister Snake’… Well, they succeed only too well, and Sister Snake turns out to be something out of a B-Grade horror movie – yikes!!

Sister Snake sends Captain Ditto and crew on yet more sky-snake related quests, to battle her son and get his fangs… yikes, they must have an awkward time at family get-togethers…

New Ditto’s Video Bloggy Thingy – July 26 2014

Another exciting Video Bloggy Thingy!  OK, so it’s been a while, but I”ll try to do these more often, I really will.
Ditto talks about summer, twitter, new games, all kinds of stuff!

Captain Ditto gets his man… um, pearl… in Pirate101

Captain Ditto prepares to snatch victory from the jaws of his recent defeat at the hands of 2 — no, 20 — Black Storm Raiders.  Captain Ditto and his crew battle fiercely against the brutal Black Storm pirates and finally emerge victorious, collecting the final mystical pearl needed by the wise (and somewhat spooky) Brother Owl.
Brother Owl grants Ditto the new mystical headdress thingy and sends Ditto to give the mystic hat thingy to Raven Eyes in Bison Village.  This stuff gets pretty weird – it’s fun though!!

Captain Ditto battles Black Sky Raiders in Pirate101!!

Captain Ditto and his trusty crew are hunting Black Storm raiders to collect these cool special pearls for that magic headdress thingy.  Check out the (mostly) awesome ship to ship combat – Ditto looks like he almost knows what he is doing…

Captain Dito is training up his pets in Pirate101

If you remember, the last time Ditto played around with Advanced Pets he did not do very well.  Since then, Ditto has been learning all about Advanced Pets, and in this video Ditto explains what he has been doing to train up his pets – thanks to suggestions from his awesome fans!  Training and Pet Snacks are super important!  Ditto gets into a training battle to see how all this training paid off…


So yes, Ditto lost again – but that is OK, it was a lot of fun and we got some good rewards!  And the pets don’t seem to mind… Well, Lord Midnight gets a little cranky when he loses…

Captain Ditto’s first PVP Pet brawl in Pirate101!!

Captain Ditto has been training up two of his pets, Mighty Max and Lord Midnight, and we decided to try some real PVP!  It took a while to start a match (probably because Captain Ditto has only unlocked two slots, versus three or four) and the brawl ended up being two against three!  It looked like we were outmatched, but the Pet System makes sure it’s even.  How do you think Captain Ditto and his pets did?

So I’ve trained up Might Max to Level 42, and I got Lord Midnight my Ebon Spectre to level 39, so they’re doing pretty well!  For training strategy, I make sure I pick the highest level training task I have the gear for, and then I sometimes even set a timer on my phone so I can log back in when the training is done and get another training started. (Yes I’ve actually done that…  Miss Narrator thinks I may be crazy…)  I also make sure I also have lots of yummy pet snacks- they REALLY like that, and it definitely helps with the training!!  I also make sure my crew do a lot of pet tasks, to get more pet training gear – I think that’s the biggest thing that slows me down is when I run out of pet gear, so I’ve got to so more pet brawls to make sure I’m well stocked up!

Captain Ditto learns about Pet Sparring in Pirate101

Captain Ditto continues to learn about Pirate101 Advanced Pets and finds out about Pet Sparring!  Of course, having no idea what he is doing, Ditto doesn’t do all that well…  but it is definitely fun!

Ditto recites the poem ‘Jabberwocky’

About to battle the fearsome boss monster Jabberwock in Avalon, Ditto takes a moment to recite his favorite poem, Lewis Carolls’ ‘Jabberwocky’…

“Jabberwocky”  – Lewis Caroll  1871

‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

“Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!”

He took his vorpal sword in hand:
Long time the manxome foe he sought—
So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
And stood awhile in thought.

And as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!

One, two! One, two! and through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

“And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”
He chortled in his joy.

‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

Captain Ditto explores Advanced Pets in Pirate101

More fun changes in Pirate101! Ditto starts exploring the Advanced Pet system with the ‘Silly Pet Tricks’ quest, and winds up at the amazing ‘Petathalon’, where he learns all about pets and other fun stuff!  First, he trades Mako Mori a cool trinket for a pet egg, then he heads over to Bestia to the amazing Petathalon, where he learns all about cool pets, pet training, pet breeding, and pie!  OK, maybe Ditto was just eating pie while he was playing…

Ditto gives a tour of his new ‘Arcane Builder’ house in Wizard101

Ditto has gotten the awesome new ‘Arcane Builder’s Bundle’ in Wizard101 – a fun (and pretty addictive) new housing system where you can basically build your own house out of cool building blocks.  It really is fun, and Ditto gives you a tour of what he’s been working on – it’s pretty exciting.


Captain Ditto explores the ‘New and Improved’ Pirate101

So Ditto is finally checking out the ‘New and Improved’ Pirate101, with Advanced Companions, Advanced Pets, and other cool stuff…  Of course Captain Ditto really has no idea what he’s doing, so this video is a lot of clicking buttons and seeing what they do – but in a cute, fuzzy way that will hopefully be highly entertaining!!

Ditto finds the Living Ember… Then things get weird.

May 21, 2014So in our last adventure, Ditto defeated a fire giant to get the armor for Clara Ashbury. Still riding his noble bunny steed, Ditto gives Clara her armor and retrieves the Living Flame to help defrost the frozen fire elf village, yay! Not so fast!


Ditto’s Video Bloggy Thingy for May 19th

Hello, it is the Ditto with another Video Bloggy Thingy!  It has been a while – Ditto has been very busy with lots of stuff, sorry about that.  But here me is now, so on to the twitter report!
This morning Ditto has an amazing 1899 followers!  Wow!  Me is still planning on doing something cool and special when I hit 2000…  Wait and see!
So the games – well, like Ditto said, he has been very busy lately, so me haven’t played as much as I’d like.  In Piate101 I’m still in Cool ranch, though I made a couple nautical levels lately!  In Pirate101 Ditto is nearly done with Avalon, so that is pretty exciting!  Hopefully me will be done pretty soon.
Ditto hasn’t even been playing Hearthstone much – that is a fun game with exciting, quick-to-play matches – I like jumping in with my mage or my rogue every now and then, but not so uch lately.
One thing I have been doing is enjoying myself outside – the weather has been perfect lately!  I’ve been out riding my bike, and playing with Chip on the swingset, and even helping greenly in his garden – that’s a lot of fun, and we’ve got lots of plants coming up!  Ditto wil have to make a video of that soon!  It’s just like Wizard101 Gardening.  Ok, not really – but it’s still fun.
So that’s it for today, have lots of fun in the spiral, but make sure you unplug once in a while and enoy the beautiful weather!  If the weather is nice where you are, of course…
Have fun and play safe  PLOX

Ditto versus Maudit Soulban – Part 2

Like I said – this was a really long fight, but it was great! I could have hired more henchmen to make it go quicker, but I knew with the life henchman I was in OK shape, and I wanted to take him out on my own.  Of course, the life henchman got the final shot in, but that’s OK… this was quite a battle!

After I finally defeated the dreaded fire giant, I got the fire armor and headed back to the night of the flame and continued my quest…

Ditto versus Maudit Soulban in Avalon…

Ditto is still on the trek for living fire and has to convince the ‘Night of the Flame’ to return to his job. Unfortunately, the night of the wants nothing to do with the job and says his sister can have it – if she retrieves the armor from the giant, Maudit Soulban. Of course this means that DITTO has to face the giant – who OF COURSE is a fire giant who lives in – get this – the DREAD KEEP. Seriously? Ditto really just wants a sandwich, this is way too much…
Ditto grabs a life henchman to keep him healed up, because big fire boss fights are a pain – that definitely saves me, because this is a LONG fight!

Captain Ditto is looking for the Peacemaker for Captain Avery!

Captain Ditto gets a new quest from Captain Avery, seeking out some priceless antique guns made by Sam Colt himself! Ditto heads back to Cool Ranch seeking out Mac Draw, to find out where he can get his furry hands on a pair of Peacemakers…

Ditto’s Wizard101 Mannequin Contest Winners

So here they are, at long last, the winners from Ditto’s ‘Name that Mannequin’ contest, in which contestants gave me clever names for their mannequins!  There were some pretty funny ones, too – I definitely laughed at many of the entries, I love how clever my fans are!

Here are the list of winners, all randomly chosen as usual. All winners get a set of mannequins and a bric-a-brac elixir for their castle, and everyone has been notified by email.  Congratulations to all the winners!

  • Cameron Dragonbreath – Anakin (the mannequin) and Padme  – This is hilarious!
  • Blake Irontamer – Woody and Bo  – Cute Pixar reference!
  • Brittany Thunderspear – sassy Sylvia and motionless mike  – Clever
  • Morgan Dragonheart – Shrek and Fiona – Another great movie couple
  • Vanessa Dawneyes – Ron and Hermione – So cute together!
  • Miranda LightSpear – Malistaire and Darla  – Aw, classic Wizard101 romance!
  • Talon Spiritforge – Woody and Willow  (Get it? Wood Names! Ha!)
  • Corwin Redflame – Wall-E and Eve  – Another great Pixar reference – they do romance so well!
  • Taylor Soulhammer – Hansel and Gretel  – Great literary reference.
  • Katie Griffin – Steve and Eve   –  Random and Rhyming, outside the box, I like it
  • Corwin MythCrafter – Wesley & Buttercup  –  As you wish!!
  • Leesha Seawhisper – Sonny & Cher  – You’d have to dress them in sequins...
  • Elizabeth Gem – Meathead & Gloria   – This is a FANTASTIC classic TV reference
  • Patrick – John & Jill  – I guess Jack was busy?
  • Fred Boom – Fred and Wilma  – You’d need to put them in Azteca…

Thanks to everyone who entered, and don’t forget my Pirate101 contest, which ends this Saturday at midnight EST!

Boss Fight Video – Ditto versus Nosebiter in Cear Lyon

Ditto is still adventuring in Caer Lyon and has to face down the dreaded ‘Nosebiter’ to recover some important artifacts! With a terrifying name like ‘Nosebiter’, you might think Ditto is worried, but Ditto has a secret weapon!!  Other than his awesome Pyromnacer skills, Ditto also has… no nose!!  So Nosebiter has nothing at all to bite!!

Chagan Nosebiter is a 10,100 health fire boss with a Whiptail Pantera as a minion.  I grabbed a life henchman early in the fight, because I assumed that Nosebiter would cheat, like many of the Avalon bosses, and being fire I knew he’d also be tricky to land a lot of damage on.  He didn’t seem to cheat though, and he fizzled an awful lot – I think the fact that I don’t have a nose really threw him off his game!

The fight goes better than I expected, and Ditto gets the artifacts needed to become ‘Handyman Ditto’ once again, breaking out the spackle for a quick repair.  It’s a touch job, but somebody furry and orange has got to do it…

New Video Bloggy Thingy plus new Wizard101 and Pirate101 contests!!

Hi everybody it is the Ditto with a fun video bloggy thingy – with contests!!  Yay!  And yes, Ditto said ‘contests’ as in multiple, so stay tuned, this will be so much fun!!


First – the twitter report! It has been a while, but Ditto now has 1873 followers – wow! Pretty close to two thousand now!  That is so amazing, thank you so much to all my fans and followers!  I’m going to do something cool at 2000 followers, so stay tuned for that!  Oh, have you noticed the changes in Twitter? Seems like a lot going on there, huh?  I think I like it so far…

Next – the games!  Ditto has been bouncing back and forth between the Wizard101 and Pirate101 test realms, because there are lots of changes coming!  Ditto does really like the Pirate101 companion changes – it makes me feel more like I have a cohesive ‘crew’, and I don’t have to worry about my level 3 mouse fencer popping up in a critical fight and getting one-shotted.  I do think it’s a cool change so far.

In Wizard101 – I’m still trying to make it through Avalon – it’s fun but I don’t think the overall story is as engaging as earlier ones.  Not sure why – it’s not a bad thing, and maybe I’m not playing it often enough to get the whole ‘big picture’ story… it is fun though, and I love the scenery and the Monty Python references…

So that leaves us with… contests!   I have two, and all details are written in the description as well, but here they are:

In Wizard101, I have a bunch of Mannequin codes to give away – each grants a male and a female mannequin that you can decorate your house with – fun!  All you need to do to enter the contest is name them – give them clever names, like ‘Archie and Betty’ or ‘Jack and Jill’ or something like that – come up with a clever pair of names and send that – plus your wizard name – to Ditto’s contest email (dittocontest@gmail.com).  The contest ends on Saturday the 26th at midnight and winners will be chosen randomly the following day.  Winners get the mannequins plus a castle bric-a-brac elixir.  Easy!

For Pirate101, I have codes for random Springtime Pets and the Witchdoctor’s Lab – these are pretty great!  For this contest, I want to combine the two things into something funny or silly – I want you to tell me about your idea for a Witchdoctor’s Pet, including one witchdoctor pet power.  For example – the pet could be the voodog, a black dog wearing a tophat, and his power is to dig up bones and reanimate them into a skeletal… whatever they were before they were bones.  Could be a Skeletal Pirate, but could also be a Skeletal bunny or a skeletal chicken.  I want these to be extra silly and fun.

For the Pirate101 contest you have an extra week (I’ve learned my lesson not to end two contests at the same time), so send your entry, with your pirate name, to Ditto’s Pirate contest email (dittopirate@gmail.com) by Saturday May 3rd, and I’ll choose the winners the next day, on Sunday the 4th.

So that’s my contests – the email addresses and details are listed here in the description, so have fun with them, and good luck!  I can’t wait to read what you come up with!

Have Fun and Play Safe!!  PLOX!

It’s Handyman Ditto in Caer Lyon! Thrilling Teleporter Repair in Wizard101!

Ditto is still running around in Caer Lyon in Avalon, and Ashlyn Brushtail sends Ditto on… get ready for it… a HANDYMAN quest! Yes, it’s the amazing Handyman Ditto again, seeking a book of ancient teleporter knowledge, and then heading out to fix the Caer Lyon teleporter arch. Ditto is getting good at this stuff…