Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Ditto’s Video Bloggy Thingy for May 19th

Hello, it is the Ditto with another Video Bloggy Thingy!  It has been a while – Ditto has been very busy with lots of stuff, sorry about that.  But here me is now, so on to the twitter report!
This morning Ditto has an amazing 1899 followers!  Wow!  Me is still planning on doing something cool and special when I hit 2000…  Wait and see!
So the games – well, like Ditto said, he has been very busy lately, so me haven’t played as much as I’d like.  In Piate101 I’m still in Cool ranch, though I made a couple nautical levels lately!  In Pirate101 Ditto is nearly done with Avalon, so that is pretty exciting!  Hopefully me will be done pretty soon.
Ditto hasn’t even been playing Hearthstone much – that is a fun game with exciting, quick-to-play matches – I like jumping in with my mage or my rogue every now and then, but not so uch lately.
One thing I have been doing is enjoying myself outside – the weather has been perfect lately!  I’ve been out riding my bike, and playing with Chip on the swingset, and even helping greenly in his garden – that’s a lot of fun, and we’ve got lots of plants coming up!  Ditto wil have to make a video of that soon!  It’s just like Wizard101 Gardening.  Ok, not really – but it’s still fun.
So that’s it for today, have lots of fun in the spiral, but make sure you unplug once in a while and enoy the beautiful weather!  If the weather is nice where you are, of course…
Have fun and play safe  PLOX

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