Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Captain Ditto’s first PVP Pet brawl in Pirate101!!

Captain Ditto has been training up two of his pets, Mighty Max and Lord Midnight, and we decided to try some real PVP!  It took a while to start a match (probably because Captain Ditto has only unlocked two slots, versus three or four) and the brawl ended up being two against three!  It looked like we were outmatched, but the Pet System makes sure it’s even.  How do you think Captain Ditto and his pets did?

So I’ve trained up Might Max to Level 42, and I got Lord Midnight my Ebon Spectre to level 39, so they’re doing pretty well!  For training strategy, I make sure I pick the highest level training task I have the gear for, and then I sometimes even set a timer on my phone so I can log back in when the training is done and get another training started. (Yes I’ve actually done that…  Miss Narrator thinks I may be crazy…)  I also make sure I also have lots of yummy pet snacks- they REALLY like that, and it definitely helps with the training!!  I also make sure my crew do a lot of pet tasks, to get more pet training gear – I think that’s the biggest thing that slows me down is when I run out of pet gear, so I’ve got to so more pet brawls to make sure I’m well stocked up!

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