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Captain Ditto faces Three Scars and the Black Storm Bison in pirate101!

Once Ditto has defeated the Black Storm Bison, he has to face their leader, Three Scars, who apparently hangs out in the middle of a huge water spout / tornado thingy…   This fight is intense and requires every ounce of Ditto’s seriously limited skill – will Captain Ditto and crew be victorious?

Captain Ditto is back and fighting Black Storm Bison in Pirate101!

Captain Ditto is back!!  He and his crew are deep in Cool Ranch, doing fierce battle with the Black Storm Bison, working their way up to Three Scars, their evil chief!  Daring Ship to Ship combat, viscous battles, and lots of pie!  OK, I was eating the pie off camera…

Captain Ditto returns to Pirate101 – with a costume and a Twitter contest!!

Captain Ditto triumphantly returns to Pirate101!!   Yes, I know it has been a while, you know I’ve had bronchitis and stuff, but it is GREAT to be back with and all new videos and a fun new contest!!

Here is the Video: 

And here is the contest!

As you can see from the video, Ditto is really getting into Halloween with a great new mask – very spooky!!  Well, Ditto wants to see YOUR costumes – so sent me a screenshot of your Pirate101 Character dressed for Halloween – either with a mask or costume, or just a special outfit or even a fun hat – whatever you’ve got!  And this is a Twitter contest – so tweet your costume screen shot to @dittowizard this weekend with the hashtag #dittopirate  (Between now and Sunday night, 8pm EST) and I’ll pick five random entries to win a Pirate101 Halloween Prize pack that includes a Rainbow Friendship mask (white, but can be dyed) and 2,000 crowns!  I’ll be giving the prizes out over the whole weekend at random times, with the last one being handed out Sunday night.  Remember – tweet to Ditto with the hashatg #dittopirate some time this weekend for chance to win!


Ditto’s Pirate101 ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ contest winners!!

As the story goes, Captain Ditto and his crew of scurvy dogs was followin’ a treasure map they found in a box o’ breakfast cereal, and sailed their way into a spooky hidden cove surrounded by dark jungles and ancient stone ruins. As they sailed slowly in, eyes peeled for danger, their ship was rocked by an attack from below, and Ditto and his crew suddenly found themselves face to face with…

I have to say, once again I am blown away by the creativity of my fans, and you always make contests like this really hard to judge. I loved so many of your entries and pictures, this was a really fun one! As I said in the contest, I’ve chosen my favorites for the top six (Grand prize and five second place) and then the remaining ten are chosen by random drawing.

And the grand prize winner is… Captain Maeve Noble and the monster Goldilox!! I have to admit, the idea of a giant mutant goldfish amuses me, and I loved the write up! Congratulations to Captain Maeve!! (more…)

Captain Ditto’s Talk Like a Pirate Contest in Pirate101!!

Yarr there me harties, it be Captain Ditto again with a new bit o’ pirate treasure just in time for ‘Talk Like a Pirate’ day!  That’s right, good old Captain Ditto has barrels of booty, piles of plunder, dozens of doubloons… Well, you get the picture – and it’s all out there for the takin’!  What is this mythical treasure, you might ask?  Well I’ll tell ya!  There be three prize levels up fer grabs…

'Huge Pile of Treasure' housing item

‘Huge Pile of Treasure’ housing item

Pirate Hairstyle

Pirate Hairstyle


Captain Ditto’s Pirate101 Treasure Hunt contest winners!!

The path to find Captain Dittos’ treasure was long and treacherous, but many of you we able to work out the five clues and reach the final location!  Here are each of the clues again, with the proper locations:


New Gameplay Video – Captain Ditto and Old Scratch face the dreaded Screech #Pirate101

The final stage of the journey for Old Scratch’s tale of vengeance and woe… Captain Ditto helps his trusty crew member defeat the evil Witchdoctor Screech and avenge the death of his mentor – and also get promoted!  He looks so cool!

Captain Ditto’s Pirate101 Treasure Hunt Contest – Final Clue!!

Here it is, the fifth and final clue to Captain Ditto’s Treasure Hunt contest!  Remember, to qualify for the grand prize you need to get all FIVE clues and send me an email with all five locations listed correctly.

As a reminder, here are the previous clues:

Clue #1

Clue #2

Clue #3

Clue #4

And finally, Clue #5!!

From darkened caves set sail again, find lighthouse rent asunder.  Five clues you have, and if you’re clever, you’ll find Captain Ditto’s plunder!

Clue #5

Clue #5


Now that all the clues are given, send an email to dittopirate@gmail.com with the topic ‘Ditto’s Treasure Hunt’ and all the answers to the clues, numbered.  Also, please remember to include your pirate name.  Each of the answers needs to be precise and give a location like ‘Captain Avery’s Court’ and not just ‘Skull Island’.

Good luck, mateys!!  See you at the treasure!!

Captain Ditto’s Pirate101 Treasure Hunt Contest – Hint #4!!

And Here’s the fourth clue (out of 5) to Captain Ditto’s Treasure Hunt contest!  Remember, to qualify for the grand prize you need to wait for all FIVE clues and send me an email with all five locations listed correctly.

Here is Clue #1

Here is Clue #2

Here is Clue #3

Clue #4 – Again set sail through the sunlit skies, deep within the smoking isle is where the next clue lies…

Clue #4

Clue #4

Please don’t post the answers here as comments to the article – read the rules and send the five answers via email when you’ve figured them out!

The fifth and final clue will be posted on Tuesday

New Gameplay Video – Old Scratch’s Promotion, going after the Sky Snakes!! #Pirate101

On the trail of Old Scratch’s promotion, Captain Ditto heads back to Cool Ranch to talk to Bison and battle some sky snakes!!  Yes, it’s time to talk to Sister Snake again….

Captain Ditto’s Pirate101 Treasure Hunt Contest – Clue #3!

Here it is, the third clue (out of 5) to Captain Ditto’s Treasure Hunt contest!  Remember, to qualify for the grand prize you need to wait for all FIVE clues and send me an email with all five locations listed correctly.

Clue #1 and contest rules are here

Clue #2 is here

Clue #3:  Aboard your ship to the windlanes fast, seek out a shack with a wicked past. There you’ll find an ally true, to guide your path to the very next clue…

Clue #3

Clue #3

Please don’t post the answers here as comments to the article – read the rules and send the five answers via email when you’ve figured them out!

Captain Ditto’s Pirate101 Treasure Hunt – Clue #2!!

As promised, here it the sec0nd clue in Ditto’s Pirate101 Treasure Hunt contest!!   Remember, to qualify for the grand prize you need to wait for all FIVE clues and send me an email with all give locations listed correctly.

Clue 1 is HERE

Clue 2:  The path you’ve set upon leads from courtyard to jungle, not over skyway, but over bridge…  You won’t need a ship for this leg of you quest; but you’ll need to make some new friends!

Treasure Hunt - Clue 2

Treasure Hunt – Clue 2


Please don’t post the answers here as comments to the article – read the rules and send the five answers via email when you’ve figured them out!

Captain Ditto and the Quest of the Random Pirate101 Quests!

Captain Ditto and crew are journeying around The Spiral trying to complete some old random quests that had been sitting around in Ditto’s quest journal… there’s some stuff with bananas, and berry bushes, and all kinds of things…  It’s actually fun going back and revisiting previous areas and finishing up old quest lines I had forgotten about – and I have to admit, questing in areas that are a few levels below me gives me an extra boost of confidence. (Until I get back to Cool Ranch soon, of course… )

It’s Arrrgust in Pirate101, and Ditto has a Treasure Hunt contest!!!

Aye Matey’s, it be Arrrgust in The Spiral, time to celebrate with fun, Yum, and lots of treasure!!  To celebrate, Captain Ditto has hidden a great bounty somewhere in The Spiral, and he’s giving out clues to where he hid it in this all-new Arrrgust contest.


Captain Ditto does Frogfather a Favor in Pirate101

Captain Ditto needs to gather more ingredients, and goes to the FrogFather to get some Grumwort – because of course, our good friend the FrogFather controls all the trade of said herb in the Skull Island area… or a least he DID.

Ditto has to help the FrogFather by finding a henchman who betrayed him, to ‘teach him the error of his ways’…   Yeah, it gets messy – but it’s fun, too!!

New Gameplay Video – Captain Ditto battles an Aztecasaur Mummy in Scaly Grotto! #pirate101

Captain Ditto is seeking special ingredients for… something or other, who can remember with all these crazy quests!!  So Captain Ditto and crew head to Scaly Grotto to do fearsome battle with the mummy and some spooky ghosts!  It was a great battle, lots of fun!

Captain Ditto gets a new ship and meets with Sister Snake again… yikes!

After making Level 26, Ditto gained access to a new ship – a ghostly galleon! – and it is AWESOME!!! My crew appear almost competent sailing this gorgeous and spooky ship, and it does short work of all the bandits and others who try and pick a fight with us!!
And finally, Captain Ditto returns to Sister Snake with the snake fangs from Flying Snake, and she says everything is cool and that the bison are OK now and stuff, so mission accomplished I guess… I’m just glad I don’t have to deal with that snake again… or do I?   Dun dun dunnn….

Captain Ditto does some Pirate101 questing and levels up!

Wow, this video has it all – ship to ship combat, random questing, and one of my favorite crew members starting his leveling quest – I’ll help you out, Old Scratch!! And to top it off – I make Level 26!! So exciting!

Captain Ditto meets Sister Snake in Pirate101

Still questing in Cool Ranch and Big Sky, Captain Ditto and crew battle fierce Sky Snakes to find a perfect egg, to summon ‘Sister Snake’… Well, they succeed only too well, and Sister Snake turns out to be something out of a B-Grade horror movie – yikes!!

Sister Snake sends Captain Ditto and crew on yet more sky-snake related quests, to battle her son and get his fangs… yikes, they must have an awkward time at family get-togethers…

New Ditto’s Video Bloggy Thingy – July 26 2014

Another exciting Video Bloggy Thingy!  OK, so it’s been a while, but I”ll try to do these more often, I really will.
Ditto talks about summer, twitter, new games, all kinds of stuff!

Captain Ditto gets his man… um, pearl… in Pirate101

Captain Ditto prepares to snatch victory from the jaws of his recent defeat at the hands of 2 — no, 20 — Black Storm Raiders.  Captain Ditto and his crew battle fiercely against the brutal Black Storm pirates and finally emerge victorious, collecting the final mystical pearl needed by the wise (and somewhat spooky) Brother Owl.
Brother Owl grants Ditto the new mystical headdress thingy and sends Ditto to give the mystic hat thingy to Raven Eyes in Bison Village.  This stuff gets pretty weird – it’s fun though!!

Captain Ditto battles Black Sky Raiders in Pirate101!!

Captain Ditto and his trusty crew are hunting Black Storm raiders to collect these cool special pearls for that magic headdress thingy.  Check out the (mostly) awesome ship to ship combat – Ditto looks like he almost knows what he is doing…

Captain Dito is training up his pets in Pirate101

If you remember, the last time Ditto played around with Advanced Pets he did not do very well.  Since then, Ditto has been learning all about Advanced Pets, and in this video Ditto explains what he has been doing to train up his pets – thanks to suggestions from his awesome fans!  Training and Pet Snacks are super important!  Ditto gets into a training battle to see how all this training paid off…


So yes, Ditto lost again – but that is OK, it was a lot of fun and we got some good rewards!  And the pets don’t seem to mind… Well, Lord Midnight gets a little cranky when he loses…

Announcing Ditto’s ‘Spiral Petfinder’ contest winners!!

So here they are (better late than never) – the winners of Dittos’ fun ‘Petfinder in the Spiral‘ Pirate101 contest!!  I had so many GREAT entries, and a lot of people even decided to do fun graphics too!  I’ve posted the winners below, and some of the fun images people sent because they were so great!  Thanks so much to everyone who entered, and congratulations to all the winners!!

Grand Prize Winners!

  • Crazy Ashley Moone
  • Sneaky Scarlet

Runners Up: (more…)