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Winners of Ditto’s Pirate101 Arrrgust contest – Keeping Cool!!

For a quick contest, I sure got a LOT of great, fun entries!!  I love so many of these fun and clever ideas for how your pirates keep cool in the summer heat!  Some of them definitely made Miss Narrator and I laugh!  There are lots of ways to keep cool in the Spiral – there are lots of waterfalls, for example – and some very creative ways of keeping cool too, things I never thought of.  The Water Guardians in Mooshu are certainly an interesting choice!!

Anyway – here are the randomly chosen winners – congratulations!!!

Bloody Phillip Freeman:  My pirates keep cool by asking the Water Guardian in Mooshu to create a pool for them.  Of course, in order for him to do this favor, he needs to do something first.  They also really enjoy bathing in gold doubloons

Dark Evelyn Quincy – In these hot days i tend to stay at the tradewinds skyway. Felipe Arias in Puerto Mico knows how to make delicious lemonade for the thirst and at the Isle of Doom is enough water for me and my Lionfish to swim in and jump of the waterfall.

Smart Logan West – Mostly when it’s so hot out there in the skyways, Whaddya think a pirate can do? Drink some yum and hide in a tavern cellar as my pirate do in the very hot and sunny days in the skyways! Perhaps you can also hide down in Skull Island Sewers with yer mighty crew pretending like it’s just another adventure! But escaping from the heat, My pirate also goes to the Ship cabin. Helpful to stay away from the sun!

Unfair Alexander Mumford – I know you’re facing hard with these high temperatures just as we do, and yes we need to keep cool or else we will not be able to save the Spiral and find El Dorado! Since I love long walks over Skull Island, I found a nice way to stay cool and fresh. Yes, that’s right, since I’m questing and fighting a lot I really get sweaty. So, while I was walking on Skull Island I found my piece of cold paradise, that is the Waterfall (Spring water), just look at me enjoying the long day shower(s) and bath(s) in this waterfall with my shark pet:

Keeping Cool...

Keeping Cool…

Thanks so much to everyone who entered and made us smile, and congrats to all the winners!  And a big thanks to KingsIsle and Pirate101 community for helping us put on these great contests, I do love them!!  Thanks all!!

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