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Where is Ditto? Where did he go?

Hello everybody – Ditto the Monster here!!   You may notice that Ditt has not posted much in the last couple weeks – sorry about that!  It is not a big problem – it’s just that Ditto got a bit of a cold, like a chest cold, and while it wasn’t a big deal, it really gave me problems with my voice, so I have not been able to do much in the way of videos or daring adventures.  I tried to record today, but I’m still losing my voice after about 30 seconds of talking and have to hack into the microphone a bit to clear my voice and then I have to take a big drink of tea, etc…, so it’s really not working well for videos, unfortunately.

Ditto isn't feeling well

Ditto isn’t feeling well


So the good news is that Ditto IS feeling better, I really am – my voice just is not fully recovered.  I am hoping it is recovered by Tuesday so we can record a fun new ‘Doctor Ditto’ adventure, at least with a minimum of editing or re-dos.

I am still playing games though – not too sick for that!  And I’ve been very excited following Crowfall – that seems like a very cool new game and I am very excited to be a part of it!   They have done great do far on their kickstarter – I backed it on the first day, so exciting!   I’ll be sure to do some gameplay videos as soon as I get my furry hands on it, too!!

So that’s it for now – Ditto felt bad about not having posted in a while but just wanted to let everyone know that it’s all OK, and Ditto will be back posting videos soon!!

See you in the spiral!!

Happy Halloween from Ditto!

Hello Everyone – Ditto wants to wish all his friends and fans a very happy and safe Halloween!!!  Ditto is getting his spooky on, as Monsters love to do, and decided to share a few pictures too!

It's 'The Walking Ditto'!

It’s ‘The Walking Ditto’!


Ditto’s feeling a bit under the weather…

To those of you asking about new gameplay videos and ‘Daring Adventures’ episodes, I just wanted to let everyone know Ditto’s got a cold – nothing serious, don’t worry – but I basically have no voice and I’ve been dealing with coughing fits, so recording anything is pretty much a no-go until I feel a bit better.

Feeling Yucky...

Feeling Yucky…

Thanks again to everyone who has reached out, and I’ll back up and posting soon – and in the mean time I have a fun contest going on for Pirate101.  As always, have fun and play safe!!!

Ditto’s Yearly Tradition – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Here it is again, Ditto’s yearly tradition of one of my favorites – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’!

Happy Holidays from Ditto and Friends!!

Ditto and his friends took a special holiday picture this year!   Ditto wants to wish all of his friends and fans a very happy, safe, and fun holiday!  Ditto started this website almost four years ago as a way to talk about his favorite game, Wizard101.  In the years since, Ditto has found the most wonderful community of fans and friends a furry monster could ever hope for!  Thank you everyone for being so wonderful!!

Happy Holidays from Ditto and Friends!!

Happy Holidays from Ditto and Friends!!

From Left:  Carl the Camera-Bear, Edgar Dragon, Chip, Ditto with ??? monster, Greenly Monster with Susan the cat.

And the Geek & Sundry Winner Is…. Not Ditto

Well, it looks like all the Geek & Sundry vlog contest winners have been announced, and Ditto’s Video Bloggy Thingy was not among them. I said it before, and I really do believe that even though we have not made it to the next round for Geek & Sundry, the amazing support and turnout I got from my fans and followers and the fact that we ended up in fifth place out of many, many entries (well over 100) is just amazing, and I definitely count myself a winner just for that. Carl isn’t so forgiving, but he’ll get over it, I assure you. (more…)

Geek & Sundry Vlogger Contest – 5th place – Thank you All!! What’s Next

As of this morning, at the close of the Geek & Sundry Vlogger contest, Ditto finished up in 5th place with 3338 votes!  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who supported me and voted for me and put up with my constant twitter requests to vote for me – that had to get annoying, right?  It means a LOT to this furry monster to have done so well and had the support or so many awesome fans!

So a lot of people have asked ‘What’s Next’ – Well, Geek & Sundry will choose thirty winners from this round and announce those on July 1st (I’m glad I don’t have fingernails, I would be chewing them until the 1st!).  Being in the top 30 list doesn’t guarantee I’ll be chosen, but it definitely helps a lot.  Being the only Fabricated American in the contest probably helps a lot too.

The 30 finalists will produce another video, and go through another selection and voting process, until the final 10 are selected as new Geek & Sundry Vloggers.  Being a Geek & Sundry Vlogger gets me promotion, opportunities, moving beyond just doing vlogs, collaboration opportunities, new content pitches, opportunities for exclusive access to events and resources, guidance, mentoring, resources, and I may even get to meet Felicia Day! It’s all pretty exciting for a furry orange monster!

I do want to thank everyone again – even if I don’t make the next round, seeing the community rally around me like this definitely makes me a winner!!  I am so grateful, and whether I win or not, I’ll be adding a lot more fun stuff to my vlog, inspiration from this contest!!

Have Fun and Play Safe!!!