Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Ditto’s spoiler free Avengers review!

Ditto did make it out to see Avengers over the weekend, like a lot of people did, apparently, and loved the movie – but it was definitely missing something. Here is Ditto’s review of Avengers, from a Fabricated American point of view!


While many people have already said how awesome Avengers is and how Joss Whedon certainly got everything right with his superhero smorgasbord, nobody has yet pointed out the one glaring omission from the film yet. You see, with such an all-star cast of heroes and the obvious re-writing of comic book canon, my big question is this:
Where are the Fabricated Americans?

This movie would have been the perfect vehicle to pull out all the big guns, like Super Grover!! But instead, they decide to give us a pitch-perfect Hulk who regularly steals the scene.

Yes, as written the movie is AMAZING – you have the rock star Tony Stark, the stoic and earnest Agent Coulson, who actually gets a first name in this feature. You have the man out of time, Captain America, with his sense of duty more than enough to make up for his lack of fashion sense. You have Thor, looking like an athletic but angry ken doll, Whedon’s contractually obligated ‘strong female character’ Black widow, AKA Buffy the alien slayer (who is awesome!) and her arrow-slinging partner Hawkeye. Then of course you have ‘The boss’, Nick Fury, whose no-nonsense approach to leadership includes the occasional use of a rocket launcher.

The team is pitted against Thor’s demigod half-brother Loki who is annoyed because Thor gets a better costume than he does (I mean come on – those horns are just so 80s). The movie also pits our heroes against an incredible alien force, which allows for maximum carnage and for each of the heroes to get several great ‘hero moments’ throughout, as well as injecting some serious humor, something Whedon excels at.

Overall I couldn’t recommend this movie enough, though I do genuinely wish they had taken the road less traveled and added a Fabricated hero. Just imagine the awesomeness of Thor being cornered by the enemy, things looking grim, when out of the sky falls Super Grover, taking out the bad guys and being adorable doing it…

Overall I give avengers five our of five pies… No wait, ten out of ten! I like pie!

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