Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

The Ducky Did It….

So Ditto hasn’t been around for a little while – or a long while, depending on your concept of time.   There hasn’t been anything specific keeping me away, just a confluence of things that have been keeping me away from the computer and away from gaming in general.  I was feeling pretty bad about it, too, and thank you for the emails and DMs asking if I was OK – yes, I’m totally fine, it’s just that sometimes real life gets in the way of the virtual, even for a furry monster.   Then, for April Fools’ day, I say a post in my feed and had to immediately click it and then immediately log back into my beloved Wizard101 because, well…

Picture 2016-04-01 11-48-10


DUCKY!!!!!!    They made a cute adorable bouncy RUBBER DUCKY MOUNT!!!   AAAHHHHH!!!!!

You have to understand – as a Fabricated American, Rubber Duckies have a special place in our hearts – we love them!  This mount makes me so happy, I may never use another… If you are not a Fabricated American it might not really make sense, but trust me, it’s a big deal for me and my furry bretheren!  DUCKY!!!!

And so that’s what did it – I’m back into Wizard101 and I am going to do my best to set aside at least one day a week to stream and make videos!!   I can’t promise it this week, though I will TRY – but I will return very soon, with my ducky!!

I’m so very excited!!

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