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Blaughust Day 8 – Ditto’s Apple Tree

I wanted to do something totally different for my blog post today, and as I was out in my yard I had an idea…  Miss Narrator and I have a little garden at our little house – tomatoes, peppers, peas, that sort of thing… and I have some apple trees that I like.  I have one tree, a nice little Macintosh tree, that I’ve been tending for around 4 years now.  It’s all organic – we don’t use any chemicals, only natural treatments and fertilizers – and the apples are thick on the trees this year!  They’re still a few weeks from being fully ripe, but I had one today and it was tart, but really tasty!

Growing our own food is fascinating – we don’t grow a lot, of course – we don’t live on a farm or anything – but planting seeds and watching the plants grow, seeing the vegetables and fruits ripen, then picking then when they’re ripe… that’s pretty cool.   Miss Narrator makes pickles and salsa with the fresh veggies and herbs, and yes – she makes an amazing apple pie with the apples from my trees!

I know this wasn’t my typical kind of post, but I think it’s a fun one – something very different from my normal game related posts but it shows other things monsters can me interested in, like gardening and fruit trees and pie…  Oh wait, you already knew about the pie…

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