Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

10 Things about Ditto the Monster #blaughust Day 12

Almost halfway through this ‘Blaughust’ thingy and I wanted to take the time to do something quick and easy deep and insightful, so I thought I would do a ’10 things you might not know about Ditto’ post…

  1. Ditto’s middle name is ‘Percival’ – it’s a family name, but it’s ALSO one of Dumbledore’s several middle names.
  2. While it’s obvious that Ditto loves all kinds of pie, Ditto is also a vegetarian.  Yup – Ditto is a tofu-lover.
  3. Miss Narrator is, in fact, Ditto’s wife.  Yup – it’s official.  Should we have a shipper name, like ‘DitNarr’ or something?
  4. Brushing my fur takes about 20 minutes a day.  If it’s really humid, it might take double that…
  5. Dittos’ favorite TV show of all time is The Muppets, followed closely by Fraggle Rock.  I’m also a big fan of ‘The Flash’ on CW though – that’s a fun show!
  6. Ditto has four cats – Phil (Grey), Samantha (Black), Floofy kitty (Floofy black) and Suzan (fabricated).  He also has a redfoot tortoise named Jasper and two fancy goldfish – Lion and Tiger
  7. Ditto is afraid of spiders – even daddy long-legs.  He finds snakes cute, though.
  8. Ditto adopted a tiger!  Well, he donates to a tiger rescue organization that helps to protect Tigers and other endangered animals.  Tigers are really beautiful and awesome animals, and they should be protected.
  9. Ditto really likes reading books – all kinds of books.  Right now he’s reading a book on astronomy that is fascinating!
  10. Big surprise – Ditto’s first ever Wizard101 character was actually a Necromancer… I played him for a while before I decided to start blogging about the game, and made it to level 50 (back when Level 50 was the max level!).

So that’s it – a little more about Ditto, a few fun facts – I hope you liked them!!  As always, Have Fun and Play Safe!!

One response

  1. Chrissy The Blesser

    Love this one Ditto. Adore the middle name and it’s wonderful association. Yea I had the Miss Narrator part figured out but it was fun to have it official now. Fantastic facts and I just loved getting to know you better. I used to be the, shall we say, the animation for several Fabricated Americans back when I lived in Ohio and I know the work that is involved with such things. We were a traveling show so we had set up and tear down to add to it too. Some of my best memories, so I have a bit of a kinship. Keep up the great work Sir Ditto Percival Monster.

    August 13, 2015 at 2:52 am

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