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Ditto explores Darkmoor Manor from the Witch Hunters’ Pack! #wizard101

Your friendly neighborhood Ditto Monster jumps on with his Necromancer alt to explore the new Witch Hunter’s bundle with cool new armor and an a AWESOME mount – a coffin hot-rod!  Also there is the amazing and spooky Darkmoor Manor!! It’s creepy fun and I’m pretty sure this is the first time my Necro has made an appearance in a video… 

The bundle is available now!  Witch Hunters Bundle 

Ditto Returns to Wizard101 and gets into a Boss Fight!

After an extended absence, Ditto returns to the fun of Wizard101 and, of course, gets right into a big scary boss fight.  It’s a big fight and Ditto pulls in some help right away – I’m rusty! It’s a fun return, and thanks to everyone who joined me live!!


Ditto is back… and so are CONTESTS!!! #wizard101 #pirate101

So Ditto is back after an extended break (ok, nap, I overslept a bit…) and after checking emails he found a whole bunch of crowns codes to give away!!   What better way to come back then giving away some codes, right?  So that’s what I’m going to do – and I’ll make it super simple, because I’m just getting back into the swing of things.

Ditto is Back!!

Ditto is Back!

The prizes are all Crowns codes of various sizes and the contest is a simple raffle – send me an email to dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Welcome Back Ditto’ and include your Wizard or Pirate name between now and Saturday, June 11th at midnight.   On Sunday the 12th I will randomly draw winners and send out prize codes.  Simple, right?

So spread the word – Ditto’s back and he’s giving away stuff!!!  And there are new videos coming soon, too – just you wait and see!!   Good Luck!!!

So Ditto got a new mattress… Oops…

So Ditto got a brand new mattress, and it’s really comfortable and soft and warm and squishy…   And so apparently Ditto overslept… a bit….  by about eight weeks, according to Carl the camera-bear.  So ‘oops’ – I guess I haven’t been around for a bit.  I mean, that happens to everyone, right – like you oversleep and are late for work or miss a whole semester of school?  It happens.  I wonder if I can pull off the ‘Furry monsters hibernate randomly’ excuse?  Probably not.
Anyway, Ditto is awake now, so you can expect more videos and fun stuff soon, I promise!!!

The Ducky Did It….

So Ditto hasn’t been around for a little while – or a long while, depending on your concept of time.   There hasn’t been anything specific keeping me away, just a confluence of things that have been keeping me away from the computer and away from gaming in general.  I was feeling pretty bad about it, too, and thank you for the emails and DMs asking if I was OK – yes, I’m totally fine, it’s just that sometimes real life gets in the way of the virtual, even for a furry monster.   Then, for April Fools’ day, I say a post in my feed and had to immediately click it and then immediately log back into my beloved Wizard101 because, well…

Picture 2016-04-01 11-48-10


DUCKY!!!!!!    They made a cute adorable bouncy RUBBER DUCKY MOUNT!!!   AAAHHHHH!!!!! (more…)

Something is coming to Wizard1o1 – but what is it?? Exclusive Teaser!!

So if you have seen the most recent WIzard101 Newsletter, you’ll know that there’s something new coming, and we got a small tease…   Well, Ditto has ANOTHER tease to share, and Ditto figured out what it is… It is clearly ‘Krokotopia 2 – Electric Boogaloo’….   Makes sense, right?  And then the next world will me ‘Marleybone 3 – More Fast, More Furious’ and then ‘Mooshu – Age of Ultron’…  Can’t wait for the big boss fight there!!

Anyway – here is Ditto’s new teaser image – you can decide if I’m on the right track or not:

teaser image


Ditto is sorry he hasn’t been posting too much lately – it’s a work thing, real life getting in the way of fun Wizard101 life, but I’ll be back posting and streaming really soon, don’t you worry!!

Friendship Festival Contest Winners!!!

Once again I am so impressed and thrilled with all the fun entries I got in this awesome Friendship Festival contest – I laughed a lot reading through all these pet names!  All the winners were chosen randomly for each type of pet, and I’ve awarded some crowns codes randomly too.

Pirate101 Pet – Huggle Hoggle

  • Brave Andrew Evans – Captain One-Eye Snortimer
  • Sneaky Chris – Creampie
  • Brave Hunter Young – Jumping Sparklemuffin
  • Danish Casper-Jenkins – Cuddles Mc.Gwee


Wizard101 Pet – Lovely Leopard

  • Drake Haven – Mr. SnugglesWorth the III
  • Logan Owlwielder  – Lumlums
  • Alexis Storm Flame – CutiePie
  • Keena Nighthunter – Sugar Magnolia


Crowns Winners

  • Clever Lucas Percy
  • Natalie Ward
  • Alexander Nightingale
  • Oran Nightbringer

Thank you again to all who entered, enjoy your pets and crowns!!   See you in The Spiral!!!  I’ll have some new streaming and gameplay videos coming very soon too!



Contest Time! Friendship Festival in The Spiral!

So it’s time for the always fun ‘Friendship Fesitval’ in The Spiral, and Ditto has some great contests, all about pets!!!

For Wizard101, Ditto has the adorable new ‘Lovely Leopard’ pet – so cute and cuddly!!  Such an adorable pet – very fun to train up!

In Pirate101 Ditto has the new Festival pet ‘Huggle Hoggle’, a cute pirate pig ready to lend a hand – I love the hat and beard!!

Now how do you win one of these adorable pets?  It’s simple – send an email to DittoContest@gmail.com  with the subject ‘Friendship’ and in the email, add your wizard or pirate name.  In the email, tell me what pet you would like – Wizard Pet or Pirate Pet – and then give it a cute name, like ‘Little Miss FuzzyFace’ or ‘Buddy the Bearded WonderPig’.    The names do NOT have to be real Spiral names – make them cute and funny and silly, have fun with it!

Send your emails between now and Saturday, February 20th at midnight EST – on Sunday the 21st I will draw four random winners from each of the categories – wizard or pirate pet – and award codes for the corresponding pet.  I’ve got some crowns codes to hand out randomly as well, so more people can win!

As always, please only one entry per person, to keep it fair for everyone.  And above everything else – have fun and good luck!!!

Captain Ditto and Crew head to Marleybone!!!

Captain Ditto and crew are on an EPIC Marleybone journey – massive boss fights, thrilling adventure, and finally…  Marelybone!!!!  —  In these videos Ditto teams up with the AMAZING Pirate Husky Amy – it’s just a random pick up group for a rather lengthy dungeon at the end of Mooshu, but she is so good; playing with her is like watching an artist at work!!!  So good!!!

These are some fun videos, enjoy!!!


Captain Ditto and ‘Quest Inception’… pirate101

On the way to Marleybone, Captain Ditto and crew encounter ‘Quest Inception’ – a quest within a quest within a quest, and so on….
Quest 1 – Secure the yellow windstone to get to Marleybone
Quest 2 – Infiltrate Fort Basset to get the windstone
Quest 3 – Secure the help of famous thief to get into fort basset to secure windstone
Quest 4 – Secure a church wedding for famous thief so he’ll help you into fort
Quest 5 – Rid church of ghosts to get priest to bless thief’s wedding so thief will help you break into fort to get windstone.
Quest 6 – Prove the innocence of wrongly accused ghost so his spirit can rest and he stops haunting the church, so the priest will bless the wedding of the thief, so the thief will help you break into the fort, so you can steal the windstone and get to Marleybone…

Did you get all that? I assure you, it was exhausting.

Ditto and Friends in Khrysalis!

Back in Wizard101, Ditto throws a lever and enters another part of the dreaded Khrysalis hive! Ditto’s clever disguise is still working, and he is actually asked to do things like put out fires and collect pollen – so exciting!

Finally, Ditto turns the tables on his enemies and helps one of his Burrower allies escape in an amazing boss fight!  He has help from some other players and gets to see the most amazing Cthulhu-level death spell… awesome stuff!

Captain Ditto summons a Giant Turtle!!!

Captain Ditto and crew have traveled throughout Mooshu to collect the fabled Turtle Balls! With all the mystical objects collected, Ditto travels to a sacred shrine where he summons Maruzame, the Giant Sky Turtle!!  It’s a giant sky turtle!  It is so awesome!!!   Who doesn’t love a giant flying sky turtle???


So what more do you want to see in Ditto’s videos?  More games, longer videos, shorter videos, more of Ditto’s friends?   Ditto is having so much fun streaming, he wants his fans to have fun too!!

Ditto questing in the depths of Krysalis

Ditto is back in Wizard101 and is deep in the depths of the very spooky Khrysalis!  There are giant bug monsters, stolen plans, spies, mice – all kinds of excitement!!  This is a spooky fun world and Ditto can’t wait to see what happens next!!

Captain Ditto is fixing Moodha statues!

Ditto loves Mooshu – both in Wizard101 and Pirate101 (because they are the same place, of course) – the music, the peaceful landscape, the constant smell of fried rice… OK maybe that last one is just in Ditto’s imagination…  So this time, Captain Ditto and his crew are still exploring in Mooshu and have to fix some sacred Moodha statues to help save a cursed temple and stuff…  Oh, and there’s some epic fighting as well…

New Video – Ditto playing more Turbo Dismount!!

Ditto has been experimenting more with his new streaming software and playing more Turbo Dismount – this game is crazy and silly and fun, and I’m still not sure the ‘point’ of the game, other than getting the highest score by doing as much damage to your crash-test dummy avatar as possible using different vehicles, obstacles, etc…  It’s just fun, there’s not much more I can say about it, and I do love playing it!  It’s a great game to jump on when I just need some interesting physics puzzles and mayhem and a good laugh.  I hope everyone likes it!

New Video – Ditto Defeats Tech Glitch Boss!!

Ditto is very happy – today started with a nearly crushing defeat, but then out of the jaws of major technical issues, Ditto pulled a stunning victory!  (more…)

Ditto Finishes Azteca – Ultimate Meteor Strike!!

So Ditto has finally done it and completed Azteca! I was not able to record it, because there is still a lot of holiday ‘stuff’ going on and I still haven’t solved my broadcasting issues – I might need to use something other than OBS to stream, I’m still looking into it.

Today I had a long stretch of free time that wasn’t being taken up by holiday visits or caroling or eating pie (we’re out of pie, I’m so distraught)  and decided that I wanted to finally get through Azteca – I’d ben sitting at the Celestial Bow for weeks because I wanted to stream the big final battle, but honestly I just wanted to start making progress again so today I took the plunge!

Spoilers for the final Azteca battles below – in case you haven’t been through it yet.  (more…)

Happy Holidays Everyone! Twas the Night Before Christmas by Ditto!

This is becoming a bit of a yearly tradition – here is Ditto reciting the whole poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’!!  Ditto wants to thank all his friends and fans throughout the year, it is so wonderful to have you all supporting Ditto and his friends!


Ditto’s Holiday Contest Winners!! #Wizard101

All I can say is WOW, I can’t believe how creative everyone is!  For this contest, Ditto wanted to see fun holiday screenshots, and wow did you all deliver!  I have been flooded with fun, creative holiday shots from all over The Spiral, from cheerful houses full of trees and presents, to penguins and icy fishing fun!  The top two winners were chosen by Miss Narrator and Ditto, and the rest of the awesome winners were all chosen by random draw.  Thanks again to everyone who entered and shared so much great holiday joy!!

The Winners!

Grand Prize #1 – Andrea Frostheart

Andrea FrostHeart

Andrea Frostheart

Grand Prize #2 – Suri Stormblossom


Suri Stormblossom

The Runner-Up winners, chosen by random draw

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Ditto just wandering around in Wizard101

I’ve had a few fun videos of my in Wizard101 lately that I’ve posted to my YouTube channel, but haven’t done any blog posts lately, so here’s a few videos together.

I’m still have some connectivity issues I’m working through, so the videos can start and stop somewhat randomly.


Ditto plays Crash Test Dummy in ‘Turbo Override’

Yes, the ridiculously fun and exciting ‘Turbo Dismount’, where Ditto has to do the most damage to his crash test dummy, in the most amusing ways…  This game is just hilarious, Ditto was laughing so much as I crashed, and the slow-motion replay just makes it even more fun!


New Video – Captain Ditto returns the Dragon Kings’ Egg!

After battling through all kinds of crazy stuff, Captain Ditto finally reaches the lake and the Dragon King’s temple to return his Jade Egg!  Ditto learns all about the Golden Staff and the wacky hijinks of the Monkey King – this is some great storytelling!!

Ditto working on Minecraft Ravenwood – Roads and Bridges!

Ditto is still hard at work on ‘Minecraft Ravenwood’, trying to recreate parts of Wizard City in Minecraft.  It’s hard work, but it is lots of fun seeing things start to take shape!  I’ve been putting in that road that goes around the lake, and I’ve done a lot of work to Bartleby (though the Spiral Chamber needs to be LOTS bigger!) and I build a bridge too!  It’s still pretty scary though with all those googlies about – Ditto can handle it though!

So what more do you like in your Minecraft videos?  Is Ditto doing a good job, is it lots of fun to watch?

New Wizard101 Contest!! Wizard Holiday Fun!

It’s that time of year again – snow falls gently in The Spiral and holiday cheer fills the air!!  It’s always fun and festive in Wizard City and elsewhere, and I want to share that with you, Dittos fans!!

For this season, I want to do a screenshot contest!  Send me your best Wizard101 Holiday screenshot, of whatever kind of Wizard celebration you want to show! A gathering of friends in your house, a pile of presents under a palm tree in Krokotopia, or just a nice shot of you and your pet dressed for the season in front of some snow-covered trees – use your imagination, but make sure it’s fun and festive! You can tell me a little about your wizard holiday too, but that’s not a requirement – a picture is worth a thousand words, after all, and your screenshot should say ‘Holiday’! (more…)