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Ditto Finishes Azteca – Ultimate Meteor Strike!!

So Ditto has finally done it and completed Azteca! I was not able to record it, because there is still a lot of holiday ‘stuff’ going on and I still haven’t solved my broadcasting issues – I might need to use something other than OBS to stream, I’m still looking into it.

Today I had a long stretch of free time that wasn’t being taken up by holiday visits or caroling or eating pie (we’re out of pie, I’m so distraught)  and decided that I wanted to finally get through Azteca – I’d ben sitting at the Celestial Bow for weeks because I wanted to stream the big final battle, but honestly I just wanted to start making progress again so today I took the plunge!

Spoilers for the final Azteca battles below – in case you haven’t been through it yet. 

It wasn’t as difficult as I expected, to be honest…  The cheats weren’t that bad.  The first boss fight didn’t cheat at all, and the second boss only cheated by casting more minions and draining their life to self-heal; that was simple enough to get through.  The third fight was just annoying because it was a fire boss, of course, and those are always the most difficult for me, but it wasn’t that different from other similar fights.

The final fight was the hardest and took me well over an hour, while using a couple hired henchmen.  The main boss was, or course, undead Malistaire the Undying, who was impervious to any damage and really annoying.  He had some Rank 13 boss minions too, and the fight was impressive.  Finally, though….

Picture 2015-12-26 11-33-13

We defeated the other bosses and had to face Zombie Mailstaire…  I was sure we were doomed (not really, but I was pretty worried) and Maistaire was all ‘blah blah I’m more powerful than ever’ and ‘Blah blah you can’t find a good conditioner in the afterlife’ and all that stuff…  Just as he was about to attack me and finish me off, though, this happened!!

Picture 2015-12-26 11-37-44

That’s pretty lucky, huh?  And for the record, that DEFINITELY qualifies as a meteor strike, right?  Since the meteor was the one doing the striking and taking our super evil Malistaire?

Of course the end of the story was really sad – I couldn’t save them in the end, the meteor still hit! I wasn’t expecting Wizard101 to go all ‘Empire Strikes Back’ on me, but it certainly makes Morganthe into a really scary foe!!  Azteca was pretty awesome overall, with some great mechanics and an really well written story overall.  Now I’m excited to see what’s next!!  I’ll have more streaming soon, just trying to figure out these technical glitches.

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