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Hast Thou Slain The Jabberwock? Wizard101 Boss Fight!

In Avalon there is a quest series, based on the Lewis Carol poem ‘Jabberwocky‘, and the highlight of this quest series is a boss fight with the dreaded Jabberwock himself – a cheating, 25,000 health, fire school boss monster.  It’s a crazy fight, to be sure, and I tried it four times in varying ways before I finally got some proper help.  Today, Christina LionRider and Hunter BlueRider joined me and together, after a VERY long time, we took out the mighty beast!



There were two big challenges with this fight – for me at least.  First is that the Jabberwock is a fire boss with a LOT of health and a high resistance to fire, making him quite a problem for my Pyromancer.  The second problem, of course, was that he cheats – every three turns he throws out a BIG meteor strike and does over 1000 damage to all players.  He also does a ‘clean slate’ wipe of all traps and prisms every five or six turns, so if you don’t hit him just right you lose all your buffs, and that’s a pain.   He does cast a 200% damage buff on himself that you can use (if you’re lucky) to maximize your damage… of course your favorite furry orange monster decided to maximize his damage on a wand spell… that wasn’t particularly helpful in the grand scheme of things, but I do think it psyched the Jabberwok out – he had to be thinking ‘How powerful is this wizard who can throw away a 200% damage buff on a wand strike?’…

It was Christina who had the awesome strategy to cast Quench (I’m pretty sure it was quench) repeatedly, to dispel all the big fire spells the boss was throwing.  With Christina keeping the dispels going and Hunter hitting us with heal spells when needed, it was up to me and a hired Ice minion to blast the Jabberwock and take him down, which took a REALLY long time.  In the end, with help from friends, I finished the quest and am once again making my way through Avalon – hopefully finishing up soon.  I think the worst part of the whole thing was realizing that, after such an epic battle, that wasn’t the big final end for Avalon, there’s still lots more to go…

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