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Weekend Wizard101 quest fun – Clearing the Cobwebs!

So in celebration of Wizard101’s Sixth birthday, I have been playing a lot more recently, and as I was looking for quests to do on Friday I realized that I had between four and five pages of ‘old’ quests like the Stone Roses in Dragonspyre, Zafarian history books quest, and even the Marleybone ‘Spiral Key’ tower (I didn’t have to do that one to get into Celestia) that I hadn’t yet finished.  It became my mission to clear every single non-Avalon quest out there, and I got really close! I think all I have left is one Trogg in Wintertusk and one fish (Bearracuda) in Grizzleheim, and that’s it – the rest are all Avalon!

Avalon Quests

Avalon Quests


It was actually a lot of fun going back to do the older quests – some of them were still pretty challenging, and it was nice to revisit some of the old haunts….  Celestia was especially nice – I still think the design there is really beautiful, and I love the story and the overall quest layout.  It was fun going toe to toe with Stellar Defenders and evil fish people again!

So that’s it – a fun little diversion before the big push to finish Avalon, a nice time during the rainier parts of the holiday weekend.

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