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Ditto’s Furry Look Back at 2013!!

So 2013 has come to a close, and 2014 has started – on a Wednesday.  Camels around the world must be THRILLED about that…  Ditto had a REALLY good 2013, and was so happy to share it all with my awesome fans, friends, and followers!  So how did Ditto do in 2013?

Ditto high above the PAX Floor - so many people!

Ditto high above the PAX Floor – so many people!

Just looking at the numbers, pretty great!  Ditto posted 131 new posts, with 121 pictures and 108 videos posted throughout the year!!  There were also 18 contests – that’s nearly 2 a month!  That’s a lot of blogging for one furry monster, that’s for sure, and people appreciated it – Ditto had over 57,000 visitors here in 2013!!  That’s more people than would fit in Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium!  Wow!

And looking back at some of the big events, this was a pretty amazing year too!  In addition to playing lots of Pirate101 and Wizard101, in March Ditto once again headed out to PAX East, where he did more interviews than ever before – we had so much fun!!

In April, Ditto introduced Susan the cat – she’s still a bit camera shy, but I’ll be doing more with her eventually…

In May, we also met Edgar the Dragon… and still haven’t done much else with him.  You know Dragons… so temperamental.

In June and July Ditto embarked on his most daring adventure yet – he entered the Geek & Sundry Video Blogger contest, and my fans REALLY blew me away!!  The fans really rallied and voted me up to 5th place overall on the leader boards and keet me there the whole time!  Even though I didn’t move on to the next round of the competition (I think they had something against Fabricated Americans, but I’m not bitter…) the outpouring of support from you, my fans and followers, truly made this a year to remember!

September was another high point of Ditto’s year, because an interview with him was featured on KingsIsleBlog.com!!  That was great fun, and Chip and I had such a good time doing it – plus we got so much great feedback after doing it, and found some great new fans, too!

This was also around the time that the awesome Wizard101 podcast Ravenwood Radio and Pirate101 podcast Pieces of Eight Radio combined into the super mega amazing SpiralRadio101.com, and Ditto combined his ‘Daring Adventures of Ditto’ and ‘Tales of the Sea’ segments into the all new (and totally crazy) ‘Spiral Wars’, setting the story of ‘Star Wars’ in the worlds of Wiard101 and Pirate101.  The jury is still out on this one, but it’s been fun so far!!

And finally, December brought what I believe is my proudest moment this year – the ‘Make a Difference in December‘ contest.  It was my proudest because I had an idea for a contest – a kind of crazy idea, really, that had nothing to do with Wizard101 or even video games – and you responded to that idea more wonderfully than I ever imagined.  Seeing the wonderful letters and drawings pour in, seeing the huge stack of letters I was sending to Operation Gratitude – that made me a very happy and proud monster, and I sincerely thank everyone who sent letters in!

So thank you everyone – thank you to all my great fans, my 1,745 Twitter followers, my 1,222 YouTube Subscribers, my 1,279 Facebook Friends, and my growing list of followers on Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest as well!!

And an extra special thanks to the incredible Community Managers at Pirate101 and Wizard101 – they do so much for the fans and so much to help build and support this amazing community of fansites and bloggers and fans, and without them there is no way DittoMonster.com would have lasted so long, or been able to do so much for the community and fans of these amazing and fun games!!

Thank you all for a GREAT 2013, and I am looking forward to an even more amazing 2014, and celebrating FOUR YEARS here at DittoMonster.com!!!  That’s right – my very first post here was February 17th, 2010!!!  I look so young!!  And ugh, that video quality – you might think I didn’t know anything about making videos at the time!  But as always, we grow and improve, and 2014 is shaping up to be our best year ever!!!

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