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Video Bloggy Thingy – My Fans Are Awesome Edition!

Hello everybody, it is the Ditto, with a special edition Video Bloggy Thingy.  As you probably know, Ditto is entered in the Geek & Sundry Vlogger contest, and made the first round of public judging, which started yesterday and ends on June 27th. Well, thanks to Ditto’s awesome friends and fans and followers, Ditto’s vlog quickly rose into the leaderboards, and by the time Ditto went to bed last night, it was number three on the leaderboards!!

To be honest, even though Ditto knew he had awesome fans and friends and followers, for some reason me not really expect this…   and me is still a little overwhelmed by the amazing outpouring of support.  As soon as I posted that I was in the contest and asked people to vote for me, the #twizard and #twirate – Twirate, is that a real thing?  – fan communities went into action like a well-oiled machine – kind of Armada-like, when you think about it…. ooh, scary.   They were  reposting and spreading the word far and wide.  People like Paige Moonshade and Kelsey Fireheart and Sophia Titanheart and Meciless Morrgrim and tons of others just posted and reposted all over the place, and the numbers kept going up and up, and they are still going up!

This is exciting and awesome and I cannot thank you all enough for this amazing outpouring of support.  I know we are on a solid trajectory to make it to the next round, but no matter what happens, no matter if I make the next round, or get dropped, or win the whole thing and get chosen as a Geek & Sundry Vlogger, I know that being a member of this fan community makes me the biggest winner of all – this is seriously more than any furry orange monster could ever hope for.  Even better than pie!!

Thanks everybody – have fun, play safe, and I’ll see you in the Spiral!!

Vote for Ditto!

2 responses

  1. Just wanted to help my favorite fuzzy monster! 🙂

    June 21, 2013 at 10:01 pm

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