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I talked to the Headmaster, and he got me into a fight!!

So I got into school and was talking to the Headmaster and his Owl, a nice casual conversation.  Suddenly the sky got all dark and stormy and the headmaster had me follow him up into a tower to see what was going on.  I didn’t want to follow him – no I didn’t!  Nothing good can come of scary shadows and dark and stormy weather!

I did follow him though – against my better judgment – and wound up getting ATTACKED!  The headmaster tossed me right into a fight with this two dragon-looking henchmen while he had a little chat with some oily-haired guy named Malistaire!  One minute I’m enrolling in school, the next minute I’m using these cards and pips to summon fire cats and trolls and having these dragon-guys throwing sharks and giant scorpions and – if you can believe it – NINJA PIGS at me!!  Seriously!!  And I haven’t even gotten my books yet!

Luckily I did win the fight, though I think the headmaster cheated a little.  Some of those spells seemed pretty advanced for my first day – a meteor storm?  Really?

In any case, I’m now successfully enrolled and looking forward to actually exploring the school and more of Wizard City and, after that, the other realms of the Spiral.  I can’t wait to see Moo Shu – I LOVE Chinese Food!!  Two orders of Crab Rangoons please!

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