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A Very Exciting World!

I was looking around in Wizard City and was really amazed by all the people there, flying on brooms or dragons, casting spells, or showing off their pets. I definitely know I want a pet!! And some day maybe a dragon! I can’t believe how alive and exciting the world is! I do hope there are other Fabricated Americans playing the game and that we can meet up!

I haven’t really started questing yet, I’m still learning my way through the halls of Ravenwood school. I am in the Fire School (so excited about that!) but I guess I need to choose a second school – not sure what will be best there? Anyone have any suggestions?

One last thing – outside of the game I am finding a HUGE number of fun Wizard 101 sites and fan pages that I’m starting to follow, sites like Diary of a Wizard and Mythspent Youth are great to read, thanks for making them!