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Ditto goes Fishing in Wizard101

Ditto finally does a new Wizard101 Gameplay video!!!  To go with his fun fishing contest, Ditto does a video about the new fishing system in Wizard101.  He catches a couple fish, then tries to put fish in a fishtank in his house – that does not go well for some reason… hmmmm

I DID figure out the whole ‘fish in the fishtank’ issue – I probably should have looked into that before the video, but that’s OK.  To get a fish in the fishtank you have to match the fish with the fishtank; the fish in your inventory will actually say ‘This fish requires XYZ fishtank when you mouse over the little fishtank icon on the fish’s picture.


Here’s how you figure out what fishtank you need:

Fishtank Type

Fishtank Type

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