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Happy Monday everyone

I hope everyone had a nice holiday or, if you didn’t get four days off, you at least had a nice weekend… I had a pretty relaxing weekend, though I definitely ate too much! How can one meal stretch out into overeating for four days straight?

I did play a lot of games during my time off, including Wizard 101 (Videos coming soon, just need to pull them off the camera and edit.) LOTRO, and some new games, Zentia online and Iris Online, that I saw Massively magazine posting about. I also got a new copy of ‘World of Goo’, which my roommate had on his old computer that died. That is such a fun, cute, and addictive little puzzle game, I’m sure I’ll be playing it constantly…

The new MMO games are interesting so far, though I’ve barely scratched the surface. Zentia I’ve seen a lot about, it’s pretty cool but hasn’t ‘grabbed’ me yet. Iris is cute, I love the graphics, but the fixed camera is really frustrating, especially since you can get stuck on objects in the world that you can’t even see because of the camera angle. I’ll play them both a bit and see if any of them hook me in like Wizard 101 did – somehow I doubt it 🙂

I had a fun and interesting LOTRO experience over the weekend – I was doing a quest in Thorin’s Hall that completely reminded me of the quests in Krokotopia! The quest is called ‘The Puzzle Vault’ and in it you have to pull four levers (Sun, moon, axe, jewel) in a specific order, based on a riddle! It really reminded me of a few of the Krokotopia puzzles, like the Test of Aptitude in the Temple of Storms.

So overall I’m a happy Fabricated American today and I’m looking forward to Ravenwood Radio on Wednesday – I’m sure it will be an awesome show! Until then…

See you in The Spiral!!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who has come to my blog and shared my videos and listened to my Daring Adventures, thanks for all your friendship and support – I’m the happiest furry orange monster in the world thanks to each and every one of you. Oh, and strawberry shampoo, of course!!

Ditto’s Weekly Video Bloggy Thingy 11/23

So I’m feeling much better, I’m back in game and just defeated Smogger, using a henchman for the very first time. I’ve got a whole new video about that which I should be posting tomorrow (Needs a little editing) but for now here is my weekly video bloggy thingy, almost completely cough and sneeze free. I talk about Wizard 101, LOTRO, Twitter, and what it’s like having a cold as a furry orange monster…

Curse you, cold and flu season!!

So there will be no video post today – sadly, your friendly neighborhood furry orange monster has a MONSTER of a head/chest cold, and can’t get through more than half a duel without breaking out into a fit of coughs and sneezes. Thanks to a coffee mug full of cold medicine and careful editing, this weeks ‘Daring Adventures’ is all set for tonight’s Ravenwood Radio broadcast, but a video full of hacking and sneezing is really not the kind of entertainment I prefer to publish, so I’m just doing a regular old blog post today, saying hi and stuff…

Of course a head cold for a Fabricated American is probably a bit worse than a ‘typical’ head cold – I mean, I don’t even have a nose, so sneezing is kind of an ordeal in itself, I’m sure you understand!

So I DO have a plan for getting through Clock Tower East and Clock Tower West, and I’m also going to go back into Kat’z lab and try to take on Smogger, because I heard it’s an intense fight and you get a cool badge/title, I’m all for that. Once that’s done (soonish) then I’m going to try to plan hooking up with a few others (Ravenwood Radio gang?) and getting through Big Ben, all while taking video that I can then edit into something cool.

So that’s it for me today – I’m going to snuggle up with some hot cocoa and hit the bazaar to see if I can get any new gear before I attempt Smogger – I’m hoping for a wand of ‘1000 points damage for one pip’ but I haven’t found that one yet. I’ll keep hoping…

See you in the {sneeze} spiral!!

Ditto’s Current Games

Not a lot of movement on the current games this week – I finally got back into Wizard 101 and finished Katzensteins’ Lab, which was pretty awesome. I did find out that there is apparently a side-quest in there that you can finish as well, to defeat some elite side-boss called Smogger or something like that. I think I’m going to try for that – wish I knew about it before I exited the dungeon, because I think the pre-fight bosses were actually more challenging than Katz…

Ditto at the first Clocktower

Ditto and Madame Jasmine, preparing for the first Clocktower

so now I’m ready to start the big Marleybone Finale – I started reading up on it and got great tips and pointers from readers, thank you SO MUCH for that! I ‘think’ I’m going to try to do each clocktower solo, then get a few friends together for Big Ben. Big Ben seems insane to try alone (though I did pull off Sunken City solo) – we’ll see what I can put together.

I did jump back into LOTRO again for a while, as well – I just love the look of this game, the epic feel of it. It’s a little overwhelming sometimes, it feels like there are a thousand different things you can be doing, where I’m used to the much more guided Wizard 101 quest lines. It’s still awesome, though, and I do still geek out when I see something I recognize from the books, like the dock for Buckleberry Ferry.
Right now I’m just questing and looking for crafting supplies to sell at auction, which is certainly a lot more involved than the Bazaar on wizard 101. It’s fun, though, and I’ve gotten some good gear for great prices just be being in the right place at the right time, so to speak.

Ditto the Dwarf riding across Middle Earth

Ditto the Dwarf riding across Middle Earth

Backyard Monsters
Backyard Monsters had a huge update this week, including a new level of Town hall which I’m currently in the process of building – it takes SIX DAYS! I also upgraded my catapult another level (I can now fling goo at my enemies – LOL) and unlocked the new ‘worm’ monster they just added, who has some underground burrow attack I havent’ tried yet. Sounds interesting but worrisome, as if it works the way I think it works, it will be VERY hard to defend against, especially since they didn’t seem to add anything that would defend against subterranean attack yet…

Other Games
this week was pretty much all focused on Wizard 101 to be honest, with a little LOTRO and my daily Backyard Monsters fix. I’ll try to find a new ‘Game of the Week’ for next week, because that is a lot of fun.

I’ll try to find a new and exciting game for my ‘Game of the Week’ next week.

Ditto’s Weekly Video bloggy Thingy… I’m back!

OK so I’ve been kind of out of it for the last week trying to do this insane ‘NaNoWriMo’ thingy. I’m still doing it, but not as obsessively, as I much prefer blogging and playing games and taking video. so starting now, I’m going to be back to my usual stuff, including posting Episode 13 of ‘The Daring Adventures of Ditto’ either today or tomorrow. Until then, here is my weekly video bloggy thingy!


Ditto’s 100th video post!!!

So here it is, my 100th video! I had so many awesome things planned for this big special video, but as I tried to do all those things I realized that it actually takes planning and organization and time – things I didn’t really have going for me this time. So instead, you get to see Ditto in Celestia, kind of, in a very special 100th Video Bloggy Thingy… hope you enjoy!!

Links that I talk about in my video:

KingsIsle Gobbler Transformation code

KingsIsle Free Games website

Ditto goes to the zoo!

So this weekend we all went out to the ‘Spooky Zoo’ – a great Halloween attraction at the local zoo. There were all kinds of games and treats and fun, and I met so many cool and interesting people there – it was a great time, and oddly enough, once again I seemed to be the only Fabricated American there… maybe ‘Fabricated American Day’ was last weekend? Yes, that was probably it. Anyway, I had a LOT of fun and got a few pictures so I figured I’d share them… Happy Halloween!!

Ditto meets a cute bunny

Ditto meets a cute bunny

Ditto sitting on a log

Ditto sitting on a log - actually a giant caterpillar

Ditto with a friend

Ditto with a friend

Ditto goofing off

Look, I'm a scarecrow!

Ditto’s Current Games 10/22/2010

Once again I discuss my weekly gaming fun – gaming from a Fabricated American point of view! Lots of great fun this week, and the best ‘game of the week’ I’ve found so far!! Of course not everything was hugs and puppies this week… there was tragedy as well – of the completely temporary virtual sort, anyway.

Wizard 101
Wizard 101 was at the top of my list with the new Halloween quests taking up lots of playtime this week – I am a huge fan of Jack Hallow and his pumpkin-headed brothers! I did some great ghost-busting and apple bobbing and pumpkin gathering, and soon I will be attacking those eerie towers floating over where the Death school used to be. Celestia fever is in high gear too, of course, but I’m not terribly worried about that yet. Wizard 101 was definitely my main game this week.

Chatting Up Jack Hallow

Chatting Up Jack Hallow

I played zero LOTRO this week, sadly – I was too tied up with other games and just never got a chance to log in. I will be playing soon though, as it looks like they have some cool seasonal event going on. I love these special seasonal events so I’ll definitely be checking it out soon – once I’ve finished all the Wizard 101 stuff, that is!

Backyard Monsters
So this week was all about attacking the new enemy tribes, and I did pretty well – I took out a few serious encampments and I’m refining my strategy – which basically means I’m updating the monsters I attack my enemies with. You’ve got a number of different kind of monsters that have differing costs and abilities, so it’s all about mixing and matching to get the best results. You could use a few high cost, powerful monsters, or a whole fleet of smaller monsters.
Of course when you attack them, they will sometimes attack back. Exhibit A – my fairly well demolished yard from earlier this week. Fortunately, even though I needed a lot of repair work to get back up and running, the attack was a failure, since my new defenses kept my town hall safe from harm. Power to the Monsters!

My Backyard, attacked

Ditto's backyard after an attack

Game of the Week
I have found an awesome Halloween-themed game this week – Braaains!!! It’s a zombie horde fight game and I became instantly addicted, because let me tell you – Monsters like zombies, it’s just a thing with us. We also like sherbet and chickens – trust me on this one….
The game is similar to things like Ninja Wars, but more fun – You dig up zombies from the graveyard, train them and equip them for battle, then attack other player’s zombie hordes. The currency is mixed – gold, brains (of course) and bones, and it really becomes a game of resource management. You can have a bunch of poorly trained, well equipped zombies, or fewer zombies that are much better trained and more effective. I’m going the ‘all the zombies I can dig up’ route and arming them as well as I can afford. It’s working for me so far. This game is definitely going to replace my daily School of Wizardry game, I think. At least for now.

Braaains - my zombie horde

The motley crew that is my zombie horde

Zombie Fight!

Ditto's zombie horde taking on an opponent

So that’s it for this week’s games – I’ve got a big 100th video planned, I’m working on that now, plus more Halloween fun and hopefully I can connect with a few friends in game and film us doing Katz’ lab soon… That would be a ton of fun. Until next time!


So what should I do for my 100th Video?

As I tweeted the other day, I have posted 99 videos to my YouTube Channel, and I think I should do something really something really cool for my 100th, as it is kind of a big milestone. I have some great ideas – several that even involve singing, which Miss Narrator has warned against several times – but I would love feedback from all my viewers and fans to see if there’s anything fun or special people would like to see? More PVP, big boss fight, me telling campfire stories, whatever… so if you have ideas, feel free to let me know and I’ll see what I can do!
I’ll definitely have to brush my fur for this one…

Ditto’s Current Games – Oct 15th

So here is my weekly feature about what games I’m playing now and how I’m enjoying them – gaming from a Fabricated American point of view!

Wizard 101
So as always my first game is my beloved Wizard 101. Of course the big news this week is Celestia hitting the test realm, but that wasn’t really the big news for everyone’s favorite furry orange monster – I’m only level 33, so I can’t really do much with Celestia. I did hop onto test realm and bought some new mounts – I’m in LOVE with the ancient Koi, it’s such a fun and awesome mount! I can’t wait to get one in the real game – so cute! And Madame Jasmine likes it to!
One big game change this week for me was changing my secondary school spells. After 33 levels it has become clear to me that I am a much more aggressive player than I thought I was and my play style is more about damage and knocking my opponent out fast – I rarely used my satyr healing spell and that was all I used from the life school. So what did I switch to?
Death. Yup – I’ve trained death to Feint and then grabbed the elemental trap and blade from Krokotopia. I hit Jaques the Scratcher for over 2000 damage and he didn’t even get me below 1000 health, so yeah, I do enjoy the big damage numbers.
Instead of my traditional screen shot for Wizard 101 this week I’m putting a video in of some of my Halloween questing, since I realized I hadn’t posted a game play video and people like those – so here you go!

Lord of the Rings Online

I’ve only played about an hour of LOTRO this week because I was having so much fun in Wizard 101. I DID get all the way to The Shire and actually made it to BAG END! Ancestral home of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins!! I have to say, this is where LOTRO excels – it literally pulls you into Tokein’s world, and if you’re a fan of the books, it’s details like this that make you say ‘ooooh, ahhhhh…’ I totally did the tourist screenshot thing here, my dwarf Ditto Monster in front of Bag End… So cool!!

Ditto the Dwarf posing at Bag End

Ditto the Dwarf posing at Bag End

Backyard Monsters
Big re-design of my yard this week and though I am taking a bit more damage to my outer buildings in this configuration, no attackers have even gotten close to my town hall or my core buildings, which is the main point now. So far it’s working out really well for me, though I think I’ll continue to tweak it. The PvP aspects here are interesting because when you’re attacked you don’t have any way of interacting or preventing damage outside of the defenses you’ve prepared in advance. It’s all about the strategy of your yard and how you’ve set up your towers and lasers. Yup – still fun, I play at least once a day…

Ditto's backard in Backyard Monsters

Ditto's backard in Backyard Monsters

Game of the Week
So my game of the week this week was from a suggestion made last week – I started playing Toon Town Online.
So I know this is an older game, at least 5 years old, but I have to say, it’s still fun. The basics are a lot like Wizard 101 – you have a similar combat setup (though totally different combat mechanics) similar kinds of quests, housing – it’s just with cartoon characters instead of student wizards. There is also far less ‘story’ to it – it’s pretty light on storyline overall – but it’s still clever and cute.
I created an orange cat character and named him Ditto Monster, and right now he’s got a squirt gun and he can throw pies, which is pretty hilarious, I like the character design.
The game certainly shows it’s age a bit, but I think it’s something I’ll play once in a while – while not as in depth as Wizard 101 it’s still quite a lot of fun overall!

Ditto's House in Toon Town

Ditto's House in Toon Town

That’s it for this week – stay safe, have fun, see you in The Spiral!!!


Ditto’s Video Bloggy Thingy – Oct 13, 2010

So here is my weekly video bloggy thingy. OK, I was a little lazy this week, because my roommate was busy in the living room and Mythbusters was coming on and I REALLY love Mythbusters, but I wanted to get a video out anyway… well, there’s not a ton to talk about this week if you’re only level 33 and can’t actually get into Celestia, but I do manage to babble on for three or four minutes anyway. Enjoy!!

Ditto’s Current Games….

Here we are again, another Friday (Though as I type this it’s technically Thursday, but I won’t post until tomorrow, so for you, it’s Friday…) and here are the games I’m playing now. I’m going to start off with my current and then talk about my new ‘Game of the Week’… We’ll see how this goes – this post has been getting the most hits each week so I guess lots of people like it! Feel free to give me suggestions, etc… too!

Wizard 101
Of course I start off with my wonderful Wizard 101. Digby is still level 31, as I haven’t had a lot of time to play this week. currently he is fighting giant spiders in Hyde Park – why is it always Spiders?? I’m also farming scrap iron to finish up my crafting quests – that’s been really time consuming, and I never see it in the bazaar either. I’m almost there though – only a few more pieces needed to finish up my tasks.

Digby fighting giant spiders

Fighting giant spiders in Hyde Park

Yes, still playing, though again, not much this week. Ditto made level 15 and I got a nice surprise – he can add a surname, meaning he now has a first and last name! Of course that last name is Monster, so I am now a dwarf known as ‘Ditto Monster’! I am also trying my hand at crafting, or more specifically, ‘resource gathering’ – I became an ‘explorer’ who can gather wood and minerals and ore, natural resources, and supply other crafters with them, but not really ‘craft’ anything myself. That’s OK though – I think it will be a nice side income for me to get a house soon, which are EXPENSIVE!! In Wizard 101 I had enough gold to get a house when I wanted one – in LOTRO I don’t know how I’m going to get that much cash without doing a lot of auction house selling and resource farming.
One cool thing – I moved my happy little dwarf out of the cold and windy northern Dwarf areas and down into the lush green elf-lands! It’s so beautiful – kind of breathtaking really.

Ditto Monster the Dwarf

Ditto finally made it to the lovely elf-lands!

Backyard Monsters
Some big changes in this game this week – they have added new ‘wild monster tribes’ that you can battle for a PVP-like experience without actually PVPing someone, and these tribes will attack you back. It is actually a big change in game play and overall strategy, because fighting these tribes isn’t about stealing resources like regular PVP, it’s all about protecting your town hall and taking out their town hall. I’m going to be re-designing my yard to better account for this, as right now my resources are really well protected, but my town hall is rather exposed.

Ditto's yard in Backyard Monsters

Ditto's yard in Backyard Monsters

School of Wizardry
I’m not posting about this one after this week. I’m level 125 and I believe I’ve unlocked all quests, so now I’m just going through the motions.

The Game of the Week!!
Here it is, Ditto’s ‘Game of the Week’!! This week I will be talking about ‘Sea Fight‘, a Free to Play pirate game. I found this game thanks to an ad on Facebook while I was playing ‘Backyard Monsters’, and the concept is simple – you have a ship, you sail around, you kill sea monsters and sink other ships. Not much more to it.
Overall the game is kind of a train wreck, sorry to say. The user interface is really simple, but that’s because you can’t do anything with it – to do anything other than sail around and kill sea monsters, you have to log out of the game, go to the website, and use the web-based interface there. And it’s not even a very good web-based interface.
They do start you out well, with a decent ship and both in game gold and ‘pearls’, which I believe is the ‘real money’ currency, and that allows you to better outfit your ship with faster sails, more guns, ammo like exploding cannonballs and flaming pumpkins, plus a crew of swarthy pirates. All the ‘elite’ gear does cost real world currency, but it’s fully playable and pretty fun – though limited – with the in-game gold stuff. I haven’t tried PVP yet, which seems to be a BIG part of this game, so my opinions might change on the viability of the ‘free’ stuff if I come up against someone fully tricked out in premium gear.
One of the crazy things about it is that you can complete a quest, but you apparently need to PAY to get the reward form the quests. Usually $.99 per quest. Seriously? That’s a bit crazy, sorry..
Overall it’s a fun diversion, it was very easy to sign up and get playing, and I do like pirates – who doesn’t? I’m known as ‘Captain Ditto’ and sail around slaying huge kraken and monster whales and destroy Blackbeard’s ships like it’s going out of style – wonder where he gets them all – but the game doesn’t have enough ‘hook’ to grab my furry orange attention and keep me playing. I think next week will be another ‘Game of the Week’, though I might update on this one again, depending on how things go…

Captain Ditto playing Seafight

Captain Ditto playing Seafight

Ditto’s Weekly video bloggy-thingy…

So here it is, my weekly video bloggy thingy. First off I say hello to all the Wizard 101 people going to the online games conference – it would be so much fun to go and hang out there, since I am probably the only Fabricated American games blogger out there. I have decided I’m going to make my ‘what Ditto is playing’ article a weekly event, and find a few more smallish games to play and give updates on, as some of the games I play get kind of boring, they don’t change much. Also, I’m talking about Halloween!!!
So here it is, my weekly video bloggy thingy, I hope you enjoy!!

See you in the Spiral!!


This is Halloween, this is Halloween…

So it is once again my favorite time of year – I am a monster, after all, and we monsters do enjoy the Halloween season!! Of course I am GREATLY looking forward to all the Halloween fun in the Spiral, but I’m also bringing some of my love of Wizard 101 out of the Spiral and into my yard, as a Halloween display! Hey, if they can pull students and pop stars into the spiral, I can certainly pull out a young Pyromancer and a field guard!! There’s lots more to the display, too – we’re all still working on it and I’ll be sure to keep updating as we add things! There will eventually be some video too! So far I only have some daytime pictures – it all lights up at night, too – I’ll have pictures of that as well, it looks really good!

Happy Haunting!!!!

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Ditto’s Video Blog – September 28

So here’s my weekly video blog, and I have a lot to talk about! Yes, hear Ditto sing the Fraggle Rock theme song (Sorry about that – Miss Narrator says I really shouldn’t sing…) and I discuss the ‘Elmo’ controversy – the first real Fabricated American news I get to talk about!!! Plus I talk about Wizard 101, naturally, and some other games I’m playing, like Clone Wars and Backyard Monsters! A fully packed video for this week, I hope everyone likes it!!

See you in The Spiral!!

My current games

So I’ve gotten into a few new games lately, and while I’m not recording myself playing them, I thought it might be fun to give a little update for each and to see what other people are playing. These are pretty much all family and kid-friendly (With one notable exception, which is much more ‘teen’ oriented) free to play games easily accessible to people, so if something sounds fun and interesting to you, you can give it a try…

Wizard 101
Of course I’ll start out with Wizard 101, my favorite game! I just hit level 30 and am making my way through the depths of Chelsea Court in Marleybone now. I’ve got multiple videos coming for Wizard 101, so I won’t talk too much about it – since that’s what pretty much this whole site is usually devoted to. I am still having a LOT of fun and I’m really, really looking forward to Celestia, which sounds like it’s coming pretty soon!!

Backyard Monsters
This is a Facebook game, and while I normally don’t get into these I have to say, I’m pretty well addicted to this one. I started playing because, well, it’s about monsters, and I’m a monster, so it seemed a good fit.
The premise is simple – you create a backyard ‘habitat’ for various little monsters. You have to harvest resources to build structures and defenses, like Starcraft, you have to plan out defensive towers and structures like a typical tower defense game, and you plan attack strategies to raid other backyards and take their resources.
I’m level 31 now, almost level 32, and my strategy has been all about resource production and protecting those resources. The only buildings that an enemy attack ‘scores’ on are your resource harvesters and silos, so if you’ve got them well guarded, someone coming in and knocking over your monster academy or even monster housing doesn’t really count against you, it’s just annoying. Make sure you build up all your turrets, and use the yard planner – it shows you a great overhead view of your yard and – most importantly – shows your turret ranges so you can verify you have adequate coverage.

Ditto's backyard in 'Backyard Monsters'

Ditto's backyard in 'Backyard Monsters'

School of Wizardry
This is another Facebook game that I’m only playing now because of serious puppet-related OCD I think. I’m level 112 and every day I log in for five minutes, do all the current missions I can, cash out my real estate money, put it in the bank, and I’m done. I think I’m only playing now because I want to get to the ‘end’ of the game – get through all the last quests. I’m on the last quest in the ‘Wizard World’ section now, and about to start the ‘closure’ section, which is for levels 100+. It was a lot of fun in the beginning, but I’ll be honest – it’s gotten boring.

Lord of the Rings Online
So yes, I have a LOTRO account now, a level 10 dwarf named Ditto. He has furry orange hair and a bushy orange beard, he’s great!
I’ll preface this section by saying that, while an amazing game in many ways, I am not counting this as a ‘Kid/family friendly’ entry, simply because it’s so realistic, and because it doesn’t look like there’s much in the way of a chat filter. Naughty words definitely slip out pretty often in OOC chat, from what I’ve seen. It’s OK for a furry orange monster, but I sure wouldn’t let a five or eight year old sit there and watch me play. That’s my opinion, anyway. Your results may vary…
The game is beautiful at average graphics settings and breathtaking at the highest levels, the sounds and music are amazing as well, and I think that’s part of my problem. When one of my first quests was to kill wolves, the wolves were beautifully rendered, well animated, and the super-realistic ‘hurt puppy’ whimper they made when I hit them with my axe was heart-breaking. When you defeat the wolf, it lays there on the ground, very obviously dead. There’s no blood, but still… It’s not like a gobbler falling over and melting through the floor when you defeat it in a duel. I think that the game is just so real, it certainly earns it’s ‘Teen’ rating.

Ditto the Dwarf in LOTRO

Ditto the Dwarf in LOTRO

Clone Wars Adventures
Yup, jumped into this one too. I’m trying to get the name ‘Ditto Monster’ for my avatar but all custom names have to be approved, so for now I just have a placeholder name.
The game is amazingly cute and cool if you’re into Star Wars/Clone Wars, but it’s definitely NOT an ‘MMORPG’ – not that this is a bad thing, I just think some people assumed it was more ‘MMO-like’.
What you get with Clone Wars is a cool character avatar who can run around a space station and chat with other people, meet Star Wars characters, and play some really fun Clone Wars themed mini-games. That’s about it. The mini games are great, and some, like ‘Saber Strike’, are down right addictive, done in the style of classic Pop Cap games like ‘Peggle’.
I’ve only just started Clone Wars, so I don’t know a lot about it yet, but it’s very kid friendly and the chat seems pretty safe so far, though again, I’m still a new. Installing was fast and straightforward too.

My Clone Wars dorm room

My Clone Wars dorm room - very empty right now!

Zombie Pets
Another Facebook game, I tried it because some of my FB friends were playing and it seemed interesting. Well – I don’t get it. Maybe it’s a Fabricated American thing, but this game confuses the fur off of me… It’s like you have dead pets and if you don’t feed them they get… deader? And if they ‘live’ you can, um, sell them to buy more pets to… yeah, I just don’t get it. Probably won’t be doing much with this one.

So that’s it – my current games, what I’m playing right now. Naturally 70% of my time is spent in Wizard 101, it’s still my absolute favorite, but there are some other really fun – and free – games out there you can try. I’ll probably be giving some general updates on the other things I’m playing in between my Wizard 101 daring adventures and exploits!

Until next time – PLOX!!

Sponsor Ravenwood Radio for Extra Life!!

As people may or may not realize, Fabricated Americans have had a long-standing tradition of helping kids – It’s just something we like to do, it makes us feel good. Personally, I like reading stories to kids and teaching them good life lessons, that sort of thing – it gives me a ‘warm, fuzzy’ feeling. Even warmer and fuzzier than I am normally…

So last night on the awesome Ravenwood Radio show, Leesha and Steve announced that they were doing something wonderful to help kids in need, in honor of a young wizard named Emma, and need people to help donate to the cause. They are going to be participating in Extra Life, a 24 hour charity gaming marathon for the Children’s Miracle Network. The money donated goes directly to hospitals to help kids, something I believe in strongly, and so I’m going to do what I can to help spread the word, too, because it’s a good and important cause and they definitely have my support!

So please, check out their web page at Ravenwood Radio, read about the charity and about Emma, and then click on one of those ‘donate’ buttons – or have your parents do that – and give just a little, because if everyone gives just a little, in the end that’s a whole lot, and the good it can do will grow even bigger than that!

Thanks all – I’ll see you in The Spiral!!


Wow – Welcome to Wizard 101 Selena Gomez!!

so I wake up this morning and find out the big news in Wizard 101 is that Selena Gomez, from the very fun show ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’, is now going to be having a role in Wizard 101! I actually like ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ because it’s a very cute show and in past episodes I believe they have employed Fabricated American actors, so I salute that!! Anyway, this is very fun and exciting news and of course will mean lots more new student wizards in Wizard 101!!
Of course along with the big announcement we got to see NEW STUFF!! Yes, in the video introducing Selena we get to see a shark mount in action, some CRAZY new spells, like a genie and a big Egyptian Horus-looking monster spell, as well a Selena dancing with what looked like moles? Not sure about that one, but I am one very excited furry orange monster this morning!!!

And if you haven’t seen it here is the video from KingsIsle’s YouTube channel with the big announcement and new in-game footage!!

Ditto’s Video Blog – August 30th

Wow, today’s post is my 80th video and my 120th post! I’ve been a busy little orange monster! So this week I talk a little about finishing Sunken City solo, my amazing Ferris Wheel ride, my latest twitter follower, and I finally discuss what it means to me to be a Fabricated American. Spoiler Alert – is has something to do with being in America and being made of fabric…. So enjoy and I’ll see you in the Spiral!!


Ditto Rides a Ferris Wheel!

Yesterday Miss Narrator and our friends went out to a place called Edaville Railroad, so my roommate’s son could ride on Thomas the Train, and I decided that it sounded like a lot of fun, so I tagged along.
Well, first of all, I was in an amusement park that featured Thomas the Train, so I was surrounded by about ten thousand preschool children – and apparently I was the only Fabricated American in the park. As you might imagine this caused a bit of a stir, so I wasn’t able to get a lot of video due to being surrounded every time the camera came out. Probably a bit like how Steve and Leesha feel every time they step into Nightside in Vampire Realm, actually…

I did get a bit of video the first time I rode the Ferris Wheel, which was a vintage ride called ‘Big Eli’ that was built in 1953! That was really cool and amazing – I can’t believe how high up we were! I was a little scared, but I did have fun and I LOVED the feeling of the wind through my fur, it was nice. So here’s the video – I hope you like it!

Friday special – Ditto’s Bloopers

So sometimes, when I’m making my various videos, things don’t go exactly according to plan… And sometimes (well, most of the time really) the cameras are still rolling, so here are just a few of the goofs and bloopers that I caught while filming that were edited out of the actual videos that I had posted (or in some cases, still have yet to post)

I hope you enjoy!

Ditto’s weekly video blog

So here is my video blog this week – I talk about twitter – 115 followers as of this morning!! And my adoration of Felicia Day, plus a few other casual games I have been playing lately…

Ditto gets 100+ Twitter followers!

So today I noticed I had 98 followers on twitter, and I thought ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to have 100 followers?’ and so I posted a tweet that said if I got 100 followers I would make a video thanking the 100th person. Well, that 100th person was Angel Winterbreeze, so thank you to Angel and all the other people who follow me – you are all great!!!

And speaking of people who follow Ditto – there is one other new follower tonight… Miss Narrator apparently wanted to get in on the Twitter action as well so you can now follow Miss Narrator on Twitter…