Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Happy Monday everyone

I hope everyone had a nice holiday or, if you didn’t get four days off, you at least had a nice weekend… I had a pretty relaxing weekend, though I definitely ate too much! How can one meal stretch out into overeating for four days straight?

I did play a lot of games during my time off, including Wizard 101 (Videos coming soon, just need to pull them off the camera and edit.) LOTRO, and some new games, Zentia online and Iris Online, that I saw Massively magazine posting about. I also got a new copy of ‘World of Goo’, which my roommate had on his old computer that died. That is such a fun, cute, and addictive little puzzle game, I’m sure I’ll be playing it constantly…

The new MMO games are interesting so far, though I’ve barely scratched the surface. Zentia I’ve seen a lot about, it’s pretty cool but hasn’t ‘grabbed’ me yet. Iris is cute, I love the graphics, but the fixed camera is really frustrating, especially since you can get stuck on objects in the world that you can’t even see because of the camera angle. I’ll play them both a bit and see if any of them hook me in like Wizard 101 did – somehow I doubt it 🙂

I had a fun and interesting LOTRO experience over the weekend – I was doing a quest in Thorin’s Hall that completely reminded me of the quests in Krokotopia! The quest is called ‘The Puzzle Vault’ and in it you have to pull four levers (Sun, moon, axe, jewel) in a specific order, based on a riddle! It really reminded me of a few of the Krokotopia puzzles, like the Test of Aptitude in the Temple of Storms.

So overall I’m a happy Fabricated American today and I’m looking forward to Ravenwood Radio on Wednesday – I’m sure it will be an awesome show! Until then…

See you in The Spiral!!


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