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Can Daring Adventurers garden?

So the new fad sweeping across the spiral is gardening – you can buy seeds and use magic spells to grow adorable plants in your dorm room or house, and then you can harvest things like spell cards and gold from the plants. It’s fun and cute and looks like it will be a good time, with some pretty decent rewards.

My problem with this is that if you’re spending all this time and energy gardening, then how do you go on daring adventures? How do you swing into action and save Grizzleheim villages when you’re worried about watering your daffodils? How can you defeat Meowiarty if you’re fertilizing your sunflowers? And how is a furry orange monster supposed to work his way all the way through the perils of DragonSpire when his Dandelions are almost ready to harvest?

Instead of complaining, however – as monsters try very hard not to complain, we’re very ‘people’ oriented – I have some potential solutions to this dilemma! And in the interest of both enlightening and entertaining, I shall list them here:

1. Get a crafting quest to build a clanker style robot with a rake for a hand and a watering can for a head. You can program HIM to be your robot gardener and take care of the plants while you are on your daring adventures! A drawback, of course, is that like most clankers he goes haywire and attacks you every time you come home, but a surprise duel will help keep you on your toes!

2. Pocket-garden! Plant a full garden, then get a ‘shrink’ spell that enables you to keep it with you at all times. IF the plants need water or some sunlight, the pocket garden can beep and let you know it needs attention – a real Palm(tree)Pilot. You can stop and take care of the plants at your leisure. Of course one downfall is that if you’re too active in your daring adventures and jostle the mini-garden around too much, you could open it up to find tossed salad instead of your lovingly cared for plants.

3. Daring Adventures in Gardening!! Instead of shrinking your garden, YOU can shrink down to the size of a bug (eewww, bugs!!) and then go on many daring adventures and exciting battles against the pests and creepy-crawlies in your own garden! Duel mites and tomato worms and horrible squishy grubs as you defend your garden! Sure, you have a high chance of getting eaten by, say, your own pet CrimsonZilla (Madame Jasmine, you spit that out right now!! Bad dinosaur, bad!!) but just think of the possibility for adventure you’d have!!

4. Zombies. Seriously – you’ve got the plants already. Throw in some lumbering zombies for the plants to attack and you’ve got some serious daring adventure material! As long as you don’t do anything to make the birds angry, this definitely cant’ miss!!

So there you have it – Can Daring Adventurers garden? Maybe not quite yet, but just you wait… I’m sure KingsIsle is writing all this down right now!

See you in the Spiral!

2 responses

  1. I really like your ideas Ditto! I hope they put something like the robot in. That would be very fun and useful. 🙂

    December 15, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    • Patrick Hawktamer

      You should really do a daring aventures of Ditto where he goes to garden and then is attacked by his plants!

      December 18, 2010 at 7:04 pm

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