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Ditto plays HearthStone as a Druid

So Ditto has been playing ‘HearthStone’ lately, and decided to make a quick video.  Well, Carl recorded me accidentally, but it came out pretty good so I decided to post it.

So Hearthstone is a digital Collectible Card Game (CCG) from the same people who made ‘World of Warcraft’, so it’s well done and it’s definitely fun to play.  The mechanics are pretty simple and it’s easy to pick up – but there’s a lot of strategy involved too. You start with one mana and get another each turn, similar to pips in Wizard101, and the cards have a lot of different abilities.  One of my favorites is ‘Taunt’ – creatures with taunt protect you, your opponent can’t attack you directly if you have a creature with Taunt on the table.

Your character has a special ‘hero ability’ too – I think mage is probably the strongest hero ability – 1 direct damage fireball – but I like druid a lot too, giving your hero +1 attack and +1 shield. I’m not a fan of Warlock – it’s ‘draw a card but pay 1 life’, draw a card is important in this game, but if you’ve got a well built deck you shouldn’t need it – at least not at the cost of a life.

Overall I’m having fun with it so far, so there will probably be more videos soon, but for now, back to Wizard101 🙂

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