Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Captain Ditto faces the Scorpion Queen! Pirate101

Deep in the caves under Scorpion Rock, Captain Ditto and his crew have faced hordes of scorpions, ghost cowboys, and more!  Now they face their most fearsome foe – the Scorpion Queen herself!!

This battle is incredibly fierce and Ditto’s crew fights to the last man – literally – to defeat the arachnid foes (Did you know Scorpions are arachnids, not insects?) and find the piece of Marco Pollo’s map.  However, in the end the crew finds a plot twist worthy of a Shyamalan movie – one of the good ones, too!!

One response

  1. Go Ditto!

    February 15, 2014 at 7:00 pm

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