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Who can draw? Ditto looking for a little artistic help.

Hey everybody, Ditto here. I’m working on a project – or thinking about working on a project – and I’m looking for some funny artwork. What I’m looking for is an image of what a ‘Bad Ditto’ might look like – nothing gross or terrifying, it has to be family friendly, but I need a picture of a furry orange ‘Bad Ditto’. Oh, and it needs to be drawn, not just a picture of me photoshopped with horns and red eyes – I already tried that, didn’t care for it… Scared me a little.

I’ve tried drawing this myself, but I am terrible with drawing, so if anyone wants to try drawing a picture for me, if I use it it will be featured on DittoMonster.com and there may be a smallish reward too – not sure about that but I’ll try.

Here’s the bad news (you knew there had to be bad news) – if I’m going to move ahead with this idea I need the picture by this Sunday, August 12th, around noon, EST. This isn’t a contest or anything, I just want to do something cool and fun next week and hopefully this picture can be part of that.

If you want to try your hand at creating a ‘Bad Ditto’ picture for me with almost no notice and for little more than a mention on my blog and my heartfelt thanks, send the image to my email (dittowizard at gmail dot com) or even tweet it to me. If I get a bunch I can probably only choose one for this project, but I’ll make sure everyone who sends me a cool picture get some thanks 🙂

One response

  1. Tasha Sparkleheart

    Oh ditto I’d love to help out but its way past noon now 😦

    August 13, 2012 at 3:42 am

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