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The Pet-A-Palooza Winners!!

Well here it is – the end of Ditto’s Pet-A-Palooza contest, where I asked you to imagine a major character from Wizard 101 and what kind of pet they would have!  I must say – I got many, many GREAT entries; some were really thoughtful, others were cute, and others were just hilarious!  I really admire all the creativity, and I congratulate all the winners!

Again, every entry was added to a bug list and then ten winners were chosen randomly, so it was completely fair – everyone had exactly the same choice.  Then I went through all the entries and just picked out my favorites – I’m postin gthose here as well, so everyone can enjoy them.

Grand Prize Winners – Power Pig and 10,000 Crowns!!  
Adam Giantfist
Ellie Mythmender
Lenora Nightstone
Tatiana shadowflame
Tara Jadestone
dakota goldvault
jack dragonshield
Malorn WillowSmith
Carl  (Not my Camera-Bear)

My Favorite Entries!
Taylor GoldenRider    – I think that Professor Drake would have a vicious orthrus hound, to chase away those “pests” or so called “students”.  Everytime a student he doesn’t like walks into his classroom he can tell his pet to chase them away.

Dakota NightBloom  –  I think Sylvia Drake would have had a Life Scarab. I think a petite, often over-looked pet would have fit her personality and since the scarab beetle is associated with death and eternal life, it would be a lovely sort of foreshadowing.

Stephanie Frostwielder – I would like to choose Jade Oni as my villain and in my humble opinion, I think Jade Oni would like a mini version of himself as a pet.  Just imagine, a HUGE jade oni and a TINY jade oni, just too cute!

Keira Mistcaller  –  I think professor Cyrus Drake would have a pet BookWorm named Percy.  Percy would be a persnickety little worm that would handle Drake’s “Bad Student List” (kinda like Santa’s naughty list).  In the evenings prof. Drake and Percy would play Scrabble (Ravenwood edition) and chuckle over the many funny failed spells they had seen from that day’s classes.

Tasha Sparkleheart – I think Belladonna Crisp, the pigswick academy principal has a Golden piggle, she’s probably tired of being surrounded by pigs so she hatches pets often with the hopes of getting a new one only she ends up getting the same pet, a golden piggle, that’s why we get that pet from the quest ‘crime does not pay’
John LegendMancer  –  I think that Meowiarty has a new breed of Ninja Pig pet, which gives Storm Shield card – Well, Meowiarty is myth schooled & myth is vulnerable to storm damages, Storm Shield helps! And of course, Ninja Pig is stealthy, quick & sneaky thief, The ninja pig can be presumed helping Meowiarty steal items!

Dylan Bearblood – I think that Dworgyn will have a Zombie pet, because he seems like the type of guy to reanimate the dead.

Cole Lifespear – I think Moolinda Wu, my teacher, would have a cute little bone dragon she rescued, and taught it about the school of life, even though it originates from the class of death. She keeps it as a class pet, and it represents harmony between all schools.

Gavin Stormrider  –  Villian: Morganthe.   Pet: (Made up my own) It’s called Bone Spider. (A skeleton of a spider)

Rebecca Nightflower – I chose Zeke – His pet would be a raven so it could help him fly to all the other worlds. Also, he would have a raven so it could carry supplies. Lastly, the raven could send messages to people in other world or around the world he is in.

Thanks again for everyone who entered, I had a lot of fun with this contest and I hope you all did too!!

Play Safe!!!

Ditto P. Monster

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