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Ditto’s next Pet-A-Palooza contest – does Malistaire like Piggles??

So here is another fun-filled contest for Pet-A-Palooza! Since I wanted to keep the contests pet-related, and I am currently in the middle of a wonderful Daring Adventure looking for Professor Falmea’s cat on Ravenwood Radio, I had a great idea! We all know that Headmaster Ambrose has a ‘pet’ of sorts with Gamma (Though I’m willing to bet Gamma wouldn’t agree with the role of ‘pet’), but what other pets do our favorite characters have? Does Professor Greyrose have an ice cat? Does Dworgyn have a cuddly black cat, or maybe a wraith? Maybe Professor Drake can’t have a pet, because he’s allergic, and that’s why he’s so grumpy….

What about the bad guys – do the villains have pets? Maybe Malistaire has a cuddly pet Piggle named Chauncey who snuggles with him as they watch TV and plot to take over The spiral! What kind of pet would Rattelbones have? Does the Crab King have a pet hermit crab? Are they related?

So here are the rules – between now and Midnight PST on Saturday June 9th, send me an email to dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Pet Contest’ and tell me which major character you’re choosing (good guy or villain) and what kind of pet they would have, and why. Make sure you include your wizard’s name as well. Oh, and try to keep it to a few lines – I do have to read all these, and if the response to my last contest is any indication, I’ll be doing a LOT of reading – I can’t wait! So be creative, have fun with it, and definitely don’t be afraid to be silly! Try to stick to pets that exist in-game, but if you have a good idea and a good reason to get creative, go for it!!

For choosing the winners, I want to make sure it’s completely fair, and choosing winners based on my opinion of their entries is really subjective, so this will be a random number drawing. I will, however, be posting my favorite entries to my website, so get creative and you could see your entry here!
And just to be perfectly clear, because it’s a random number drawing, getting posted to the website doesn’t mean you win the prize, and winning the prize doesn’t mean I’ll post your entry to the website! Also, I doubt if I will be able to post ALL my favorites, because I get a LOT of entries for this kind of contest, and many of them are really, really good.

And now for the good part – the prizes!! Well, this contest includes a Power Pig pet and a code for 10,000 crowns!! That’s a pretty awesome prize, if I do say so myself.

So that’s the big contest – send me a major character and tell me what kind of pet they would have, and why… this should be fun!!

One response

  1. David Lopez

    I really enjoyed the contest! Thank you for your generosity and creativity!

    June 10, 2012 at 3:13 am

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