Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Ditto and Chip Play Outside!

Playing video games is definitely lots of fun, but it’s a lot of fun to do other things too…  See what it takes for Chip to convince Ditto to stop playing his new game and enjoy having fun playing outside!! Playing outside and being active isn’t just fun, it’s really good for you!

Ditto and Chip – Let’s Play Outside!


Ditto is playing Video  Games when Chip comes in

Chip:  Hey Ditto, want to go play outside?

Ditto:  No, me playing a new video game, it’s really fun.  Maybe later, OK?

Chip:  Aw, but it’s the first sunny day we’ve had in a week – wouldn’t it be more fun to ply outside?

Ditto:  Maybe later Chip, OK?  Me playing a game..

Chip:  Aw… Ok.

A few minutes later, Chip has an idea…

Chip:  Hey Ditto, want to try a fun new game?

Ditto:  New game?  Ooh, yeah – what kind of game?

Chip:  It’s a physics-based action game – you need to move your ‘avatar’ properly to play.

Ditto:  Oh that sounds fun!  Me love physics games! What’s the website?

Chip:  There’s no website, this game needs… specialized hardware.  Follow me!

Next scene – Ditto and Chip are outside playing on the swings.

Ditto:  That was pretty clever, Chip – you’re right, this is lots more fun and it’s a really nice day!

Chip:  Yeah, it’s a lot more fun, and healthier too!  Yay!

Ditto:  Yay, wind in my fir, wind in my fur!!

2 responses

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  2. Anonymous

    Ditto…please hear me out.
    You are the greatest person I’ve ever known to teach people to be safer onlineAND be healthier to play outside. I’ve been trying to teach my son these things for ages but he would not listen to me. But he thinks you’re awesome. So, here randomly wanted to play outside one day, and I asked, “What made ya wanna play outside?” And he responded, like it was the simplest question on Earth, “Because Ditto and Chip did it!” So all I can say is…Thank you so much.

    May 17, 2012 at 12:05 am

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