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New Video – Ditto’s New Spell Part 3 – Ditto Summons the Efreet!! #wizard101

After the epic battle to unlock the fire seal, Dalia Falmea teaches Ditto the summoning spell to summon the Efreet, and then sends him to DragonSpyre to learn how to control the massive power of this powerful spell. 

I want to say that I really like the final part of this quest – summoning the Efreet in the burned-out streets of DragonSpyre makes the Efreet think that he doesn’t need to destroy things.. it’s cute and clever, and it connects you to the Efreet.  It’s a nice touch and I definitely appreciate it.

One response

  1. Nice job Ditto getting Efreet. Go Fire! Meteor Str…. I mean Efreet Attack! Have fun summoning that spell Ditto.

    April 20, 2012 at 2:49 am

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