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Wizard 101 Puzzler – Ditto’s Next Piece!!

Here it is, my next puzzle piece – isn’t is green and pretty?  It may be my favorite piece yet!   Remember, there are many pieces spread throughout the various Wizard101 Blogs and Fansites – the list of potential participants is below!  Good luck – and remember, no posting of completed sections of the puzzle!

For my other two pieces and more information on the puzzle, see my first Puzzler Post!

Ditto Puzzle Piece 3

Prospective Puzzler Participants:

One response

  1. PatrickFireheart

    What do ya think of celestia Ditto pretty sweet world ain’t it? It’s pretty hard to beat but rest assured you’ll do it then you’ll be on your way to zafaria ❤

    April 3, 2012 at 11:50 am

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