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Wizard 101 Puzzler!!

Those fun folks at Wizard 101 have something BIG coming soon, and Ditto – along with lots of other fansites – are going to be giving hints as to what it is! Those hints will be in the form of special puzzle pieces that each of the participating fansites will be posting between now and April 11th (Or when all the puzzle pieces have been released) !

This will be very fun and exciting, and to figure out what Kingisle has planned you’ll have to go to all the different fansites and download their puzzle pieces and try to put them together! How? How should I know – I’m just a furry monster. However if I were to guess, I would say you could use a graphics program (Gimp is free to use), or do it the old fashioned way – print them and cut them out, just like Grandma used to do (but without the stale hard candies and cats…)

So here are the first two puzzle pieces, exclusive to DittoMonster.com – the rest of the pieces can be found at the other participating fansites, which I have listed below the puzzle pieces. Have Fun!!!

Ditto Puzzle Piece 1 Ditto Puzzle Piece 2

Prospective Puzzler Participants:

2 responses

  1. wellversedwizards

    very nice I cant wait!!! LOL

    March 23, 2012 at 3:01 pm

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