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New Post – Party Prep Day 4 – Setting Up a Port Bus #wizardversary

So part of my big Wizardversary party is actually getting people to it – when you have a party at your house, your guests need a way to get there, and it’s probable that not everyone who wants to come to your party is on your personal friends list.  One of the ways to ensure that everyone can come to your party is to set up what is known as a ‘Port Bus’ character.  This is a character that people can friend in a public area before or during the party, and then teleport to them as they go to the party.

Port Bus Character

Port Bus Character - Dugan Hexcrafter

To create a Port Bus character you should have a secondary account, or have a friend help out, so that your main character can be hosting the party while the port bus is ‘in service’.  You can create a brand new character with a very recognizable name and then park that character in a very specific area that is easily communicated.  For my example, I created ‘Dugan Hexcrafter’, brother of Digby Hexcrafter, and sat him in Ravenwood right under the Fire School tree.  That’s where he’ll be during the party as well – keeping him in the same place and easy to find. Make sure you tell people which realm,  too – I usually use Vampire realm, which is kind of the unofficial Ravenwood Radio party realm…

One key to making this work is, of course, letting people know about it.  I used twitter, and I’ll post it to Facebook and my blog as well.  You should also post information on the event invitation, to make it easier for people to get to your event.

Finally, during the event, park the Port Bus character in the advertised location and let people friend you.  Then, every five minutes or so, port to the party location and let guests port to you.  Once people have teleported, head back to the public location, collect more friends… rinse and repeat.

By this method, everyone on my main friends list can port to me, their friends can port to them, and other people can get there using the port bus character,  so we should have plenty of options for people to get to the party.

Also remember – if there is someone at your party who is being disrespectful or otherwise causing problems, you should ask them to stop whatever they are doing, and you have the option to remove them from the house using the ‘Send Away’ button.  Parties should be fun for everyone!!

2 responses

  1. Cannot wait Ditto. It is going to be so much fun.

    February 16, 2012 at 8:07 pm

  2. Super Idea!

    February 17, 2012 at 9:15 am

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