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New Video – Ditto’s Party Prep, Day 3 – Ditto Decorates #wizard101

I’m still working on preparing for my big Second Wizardversary party and I figured I actually needed to do some decorating  – I’m not very good at it, but I really like doing it, it’s fun.  I’ve got lots of different areas decorated in different, interesting themes.  I’ve got hidden jungle ruins, a drake hatchery, a spooky ritual room, and even a whole hidden house!  I’ve put in a fun (at least I hope it’s fun) adventure trail, using portals to send people to different interesting and hidden places to explore.

So this video is way less exciting than I imagined it would be – I’m still not sure why I felt this would be exciting or interesting, really – but here is a quick video of me decorating my Island Getaway hut.  It’s not anywhere near Paige Moonshade levels of decorating, but it’s fun, and that’s what’s important!

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