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New Video – Ditto and the worst duel ever…

On the path to get the amazing Fire Dragon spell, I had to duel Mavra Flamewing.  This, as it turns out, was about the worst duel I’ve ever had and did, in fact, lead to my defeat.  There are some clear reasons for this, though, so I wanted to post about it so maybe others can learn form my mistake. 

First and foremost – I did not know my enemy.  Sure, I had fought her before, as part of the Dragonsspyre Academy quests, but I didn’t remember her clearly and I didn’t look her up.  I ASSUMED that, since I was on a quest for a powerful fire spell and her name was ‘Flamewing’ that she would be the typical fire boss, so I loaded up with fire prisms and feints and helephants, and a few fire shields for good measure.  This set the stage for a pretty spectacular failure.

Next – I trusted a stuffed bear as my cameraman.  He didn’t check the batteries and so, in the middle of the fight, the camera shut down and batteries had to be changed.  The good news – it only cut out a few minutes of my humiliating performance in the dueling circle.

The Duel – for anyone who doesn’t know, this fight is actually against a pretty powerful storm boss and two ‘Protection Pox’ minions who just spam shields on her to keep her pretty much untouchable.  My strategy, such as it was with the deck I had, was to try to take out the Pox minions so they would stop spamming shield spells.  That eventually worked, but WAY too late.  Even after a treasure card Dryad brought me nearly back to full health, the barrage of stormzilla and storm shark attacks had me on the ropes pretty quickly.  I simply did not have the right cards for dueling such a shield-heavy foe, and literally only had six main deck damage spells (all helephants) and three Firezilla spell treasure cards.  Nine single-foe damage spells – even really big ones – were not going to be enough to win this fight.

Next Time – I’m going to try the fight again loaded with more spells to take out the Pox minions and I’ll take as many DOT spells as I can, to keep breaking the shields so they don’t keep stacking and making Mavra practically invulnerable.  I’ll film that one too and we’ll see how it goes!

2 responses

  1. Take out Mavra first, she’s the only one casting any damage spells. The Pox only throw shields & traps – once she’s dead they can’t touch you, and you can take your time killing them with DOTs. Oh, and bring a Reshuffle or two, just in case.

    July 15, 2011 at 2:02 pm

  2. Here’s one tip from an old hand, go inside and then fix your deck. Because then you can look up and see exactly who you are fighting, and adjust accordingly. I don’t know how many times I’ve messed up because I wasn’t paying attention to who/what I was fighting.

    As Sierra said, pack a lot of DoTs. I would recommend Link maybe. Since it has a low pip cost and will break the traps while healing you back up. Also packing some Glacial Shields might not be a bad idea.

    AND if you want to, bring along a Myth friend who can Earthquake away those shields for you.

    Good luck next time! (You won’t need it though, you’ve got a plan. 🙂 )

    July 15, 2011 at 3:55 pm

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