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Ravenwood Ball – Thank You Fallon!!

Tonight was the wonderful and amazing Ravenwood Ball, put together by Diary of a Wizard!  I had a REALLY good time, got all fancy in my new outfit, and saw so many friends from Ravenwood Radio and the other great blog sites and a lot of the Twizards.  I know I probably added another 20 people to my friends list too!

It took me about ten tries to port into the main party at Ravenwood – I’ve NEVER seen it so full!  The place was a SEA of people!  It was pretty slow, but we could move around.  I took a ton of screenshots.  After a while at Ravenwood I stopped at a few of the satellite parties and saw some AMAZING houses, beautifully decorated.  I really need to be better at decorating my house!

Here is a gallery of screen shots I took at the party.  If I didn’t get to meet you or talk to you, I do apologize – there was just so much going on, I couldn’t possibly say hi to everyone, but I gave it my best shot!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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