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The Tale of Tomar and Kimerith – When it Reigns it Pours

I’m still happily helping Tomar and his dragon friend Kimerith in Dragonspyre.  Kimerith wants his old reigns, I guess for old time’s sake, but of course, they have been taken by a nasty bad guy and furry little Ditto has to lend a hand.

Am I the only person disappointed by ‘The Hoarder’? I was hoping for a tower full of piles of junk, old broken wands, and stacks of old books from wall to wall, maybe a bunch of small dragons hiding in the corners or sleeping on top of stacks of stuff?  A simple landscape boss was a little underwhelming – though a great fight…

One response

  1. Nostalgia there, Ditto! I remember hunting down & fighting the Hoarder over & over for her Shockblade, a really cool-looking Storm sword. She was okay (for me) if I caught her with the magma snowmen, but if she was in storm soldier territory that was one tough battle! Once wand stitching goes live I may have to bring that one back out of Bank retirement.

    April 28, 2011 at 3:21 pm

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