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Big Ben – With a little help from my friends!

So I finished Counterweight East, no sweat. Counterweight West gave me some trouble, but I got through it. Big Ben, though… I knew Big Ben and Meowiarty were more than one furry orange monster could handle, so I called up a few friends to see if they could give me a hand!

Ditto and Friends in Big Ben

Ditto and friends in Big Ben

Leesha Darkheart, Steven Spiritcaller, and the amazing IcyWiz all dropped in to help me out with Big Ben, and I am SO GLAD I had them with me, because there is just no way I could have done Big Ben by myself. It had like thirty seven floors, all with big mean monsters on them! It was pretty scary, but I knew we could do it!
There were some really fun parts – well, it was all fun questing with the Ravenwood Radio team – but I liked the big floor puzzle, and then knocking over the milk bottles and making Spike the Crusher mad, that was really funny. Of course it wasn’t as funny when I realized that Spike was a 3500 health boss who attacked us near the top of the tower, but even he was still no match for us!

As for video, this dungeon is looooong – like an hour or more – so I didn’t take video the whole time. I DID get a great video of the final fight, though, so here you go – Ditto and Team Ravenwood defeating Meowiarty, with me dealing the fatal blow with none other than my trusty meteor strike!!! Yay me!!!

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