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Ditto’s Adventures in Counterweight West – the finale!!

Here it is, my final – and ultimately successful – battle with the mighty storm boss Bellows at the top of Counterweight West. This was definitely the toughest dungeon I’ve done so far, as you can tell by my rather lengthy string of embarrassing defeats.

I think the big lessons learned from this dungeon are that you ALWAYS make sure you have full health when you go into a fight, which is common sense, but also I think I should have had more shields in my deck. The biggest problem seemed to be Bellows spamming storm sharks, which were hitting for 500ish damage every time. Your health goes down quickly when that happens. Maybe more ways to get health back, too, as I have kind of abandoned my ‘gain health’ ability in favor of doing more damage more quickly, ending the fight as soon as I can.

So next up – Big Ben!! I’m definitely not trying this one alone, so I’m going to be trying to set up a night soon to grab some friends/fans and face the dreadful Meowiarty!! I’m looking forward to that!

One response

  1. Aaron Starherat

    Hey Ditto, I would gladly help you out, look me up in game I’m Aaron Starheart level 60

    December 8, 2010 at 11:42 pm

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