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Meteor Strike = Fast Forward button!

Had a really good time in-game this weekend, and I noticed something really cool…

Everyone knows that I had been on an epic quest to reach level 22 and the coveted pyromancer spell ‘Meteor Strike’. Well, I got Meteor Strike (See previous blog posts about that awesome and fun adventure) but it seemed to take FOREVER! Really, I think it took me a couple weeks to push from level 20 to level 22, getting all the way through the level 20 Grizzleheim quests and deep into Krokotopia before finally reaching my goal. Since level 22, though, BOY have things changed…

Since hitting level 22 I was just questing like crazy in Krokotopia, and I realized that things are going SO much faster – the fights are so quick now that I can take out all enemies in one spell, and since I hit level 26 and Professor Falmea taught me WyldFire, it’s even more awesome. I also picked up Satyr from Professor Wu (Or is it moo? Tee hee…) and totally restructured my deck.

My typical fight now consists of Wyldfire, fire blade, Jasmine’s fire blade (they stack!) and a Meteor Strike – that’s averaging over 800 damage I believe, so even most of the Krok bosses fall to that combo! I had a fun group over the weekend – a necromancer and a life wizard – who ended up just joining me in fights and tossing an occasional heal while I took out the baddies – I was SO excited!! They were cheering me on, too! I had so much fun, and I’ve made it well into the Tomb of Storms – completed the barracks last night, but I know I’ve got lots more to go.

More fun this weekend was pets – I got a yellow ghost and a life banshee to drop in the tomb of storms, I think both from the Ahnik king… I like them both, though of course neither would replace my trusty Madame Jasmine. Now I REALLY need a house so I can let all my pets roam free…

One last thing to mention – there was a young wizard who was following me around yesterday for a while and cheering me on and doing parts of the ‘narrator’ bits from ‘The Daring Adventures of Ditto’… I wanted to say THANK YOU!! I laughed out loud and it just made me feel really good. I hope you had fun watching my many epic battles and cheering as my enemies fell before me, defeated by Madame Jasmine’s mighty roar… (or cluck, as the case may be)

So there’s more video coming, just not a lot of time right now – I’ll get posting it tonight or tomorrow morning, promise!! For now it’s off to work, where I shall dream of once again adventuring in the spiral…

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