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Defeating Krokhotep!

So last night I didn’t think I would be ITS (In The Spiral) for long, as I had some things to do and wanted to watch ‘River Monsters’ – GREAT show, by the way.
Well, as often happens with the awesomeness that is Wizard 101, I ended up playing WAAAAY too long, because I got obsessed with completing the Krokosphynx! Well after a few hours, I finally found myself face to face with the dreaded Krokohotep!! And yeah – took him out! It was a great fight – not on video, sadly, since I wasn’t planning on playing that long or finishing that quest line, but anyway, I have defeated Krokohotep and I’m now level 24! It was a very fun night – I have one more side-quest to finish in the Krokosphynx, I think (Like Leesha and Steve and Christina Icedreamer always say – finish ALL your quests!) and then I’ll move on to whatever dreaded evil comes next…

Here is another video of me battling in the Krokophynx – it has nothing to do with last night’s adventures and was taken before I hit level 22, but it’s kind of funny how tired and annoyed I’m getting after fighting wave after wave of these glacial avengers and still not leveling…

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