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Ditto reaches Level 22!!

So ti has been a long time coming, but my wizard, Digby Hexcrafter, has reached level 22 as a pyromancer! Of course level 22 seems an odd level to celebrate, but at level 22 all young pyromancers get….
Meteor Strike Card

Yes, Meteor Strike, which allows me to blast ALL my foes into a fiery oblivion all at once instead of blowing them up one at a time with Sunbird. 345ish damage base, but with a few well placed damage buffs I can increase that significantly. It’s even more fun to use it against ice school foes – you can almost hear a frightened little ‘meep’ as the heavens open and giant fireballs rain down upon them…

So here is my video of the whole journey, from level up through my first test of the spell – hope you enjoy it and see you in the Spiral!! PLOX!!

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