Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

The joys and frustrations of being a Wiz 101 vBlogger…

So I’m back in my beloved Krokotopia after spending a week or so in Grizzleheim fighting deadly Grendels and spiders and I think there were some chickens in there too… so I defeat mister big scary grendel boss – a VERY hard fight – and then turn in my quest to mister ‘Oh you’re way too young to talk to our king please try again later’ bear warrior person. And of course, I STILL haven’t proven myself worthy to see the king and basically get a ‘thanks for visiting and taking care of that pest problem, don’t let the door hit ya on your way back to Wizard City’….

So like I said, I’m now back in Krokotopia, in the depths of the Krokosphynx, and I’m fighting these very scary ice warriors. I get done with one fight, two fights, and then notice – I’m almost at level 22!! I’m just one, maybe two fights away from hitting level 22 and getting – wait for it…. – METEOR STORM!!!!

Of course I don’t’ have my video camera and I’m not playing on my regular computer, and I of COURSE want to capture this pivotal moment in heroic Digby’s career! So now, mere points away from making this milestone level, I have to log off and wait until either tonight or tomorrow to play again so I can tape ‘the moment’ and capture myself learning my new spell and using it on some poor unsuspecting unicorns or something.

So stay tuned folks, because Ditto and Madame Jasmine are about to get a whole lot more dangerous and Krokotopia is about to get a bit more singed around the edges…

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