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Ditto explores the Fantastic Voyage Bundle in Wizard101

All week, Ditto has been exploring the fun and exciting Fantastic Voyage bundle for Wizard101!   In the bundle you get a set of armor, the Abyssal Warriors’ suit, which looks great and has strong stats; you get the Eel Whip weapon, which I thought was going to be creepy because – eel – but it looks great and has some really good ‘May Cast’ spells on it.  You also get a mechanical shark mount, which looks really cool, it’s a very unique looking mount (and I thought it was appropriate for Shark Week)  and a Very adorable ‘Peppy Porpoise Pet’ – it’s so cute, just swimming along with you!


Of course, the big part of this set, in addition to the cool gear, is the Fantastic Voyage expedition, led by the very charming penguin guide Jock Coosto – he has a really calming voice, even when you’re in serious trouble…  I almost want him to narrate the battles that you face!  ‘Oh look, the troglodytes have ganged up on you and are casting very dangerous spells now… what fascinating behavior…’


Of course the Fantastic Voyage gets pretty scary…  We are tracking these tiny little creatures called Micro Fish, which have all manner of knowledge written on them – tell your local librarian about that and see them smile.  There may even be a facepalm involved.  I know I was impressed.


Of course there are many perils along the way.  Initially there are some Glow Ink Sqidlings, which, I’m sorry to say, were a bit more challenging than I expected, and I was defeated the first time I went up against a school of them.  I was successful the next try, though, and we moved further into the depths in search of the fish.  We came up against these rather dim, but exceedingly strong Troglodytes, who seemed intent on keeping the area quiet… so I exploded a volcano on them.  That was loud indeed!


It turns out, the Troglodytes were the henchmen of a hermit crab named Dewey – I kid you not – who hired them to keep things quite while he studied the Micro Fish, so we had reached our goal, but we had to do battle with the renewed Troglodytes AND Dewey, who has the MOST ANNOYING CHEAT I have ever come up against.  Instead of casting damage out of turn, which is annoying but you can ward against it, Dewy has two cheats – he casts shields whenever anyone damages him or his minions, so it’s just shield after shield after shield… and then if you cast blades to boost your damage, Dewey casts anti-blades that reduce your damage by 20% to 40%….  so I was not prepared, and this was a VERY long fight…   In the future I would recommend loading up on balance damage spells and ways to steal shields from your opponents, or else it just takes forever to get through to the boss and his minions.

Overall the adventure was fun and clever, and was definitely a challenge solo (though I did hire some of my own henchmen to help) – I’m sure it would be a lot of fun to play with friends.  If you’re into fishing, there’s apparently also a fishing element once you complete the adventure and free the micro-fish, but I didn’t get to do that part in this play through, as I ran out of time due to the very lengthy final fight.

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